October 3, 2011

Autumn is Here!

So the leaves are changing and it makes me so happy that I live in a state where these colors are so beautiful.  The sun has been out and the leaves look like they are on fire.  I love the fall.

We spent a wonderful weekend in Chippewa Falls.  We stopped at a few establishments along the way including Pudge's in Hudson and the Hershey Cave Bar in Hershey - where else?  We made it to Brent's parent's house and put our stuff down.  We went to the Leinie Lodge and sampled and sampled and sampled.  We had a not good dinner at the James Sheely house and then headed back to the house to suit up for the wedding reception of Tony & Erika Stevens.  We got there and ... left after about an hour.  We finished the night off with a fire and popcorn.  Thanks to Brent & Kirsten for being such good hosts and thanks to Arver for the entertainment.

Vikings are 0-4 - wow.  They are AMAZING.  I am having so much fun watching football with my husband every sunday.  It's a whole new bonding experience.

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