January 25, 2018

Snow... and other stuff

What a week it has been. After a 10 day work trip to Madison, WI, we returned back to about 14 inches of snow ready to be shoveled. My arms and back might be sore for days, but I feel accomplished and exercised now... for at least the whole weekend.

The time we spent in Madison was great. The work project we were there for went way better than expected and we were able to get out and explore a little over the weekend. We went to dinner the Old Fashioned and ate the cheese curds (totally lived up to the hype.) We also tried a Bloody Mary flight over breakfast that was awesome. If you're in the area, try out Next Door Brewery.

We watched How to Get Away with Murder for the first time and flew through the first season. Man, I love Shonda even though these shows are nuts.

I made some good progress on my library stack, caught up on some podcasts during our drive back to MN and ate decent the whole time (except the Top the Tater and the cheese curds) thanks to the fully stocked kitchen at our AirBnB. When work trips go well, it's a win for everyone because sometimes they just suck.

Now, I'm watching Will & Grace and patiently waiting for our friends from NYC to land for a weekend of fun. We are going to check out the Winter Carnival and the stuff they have set up for the Super Bowl. Plus, everyone needs to have a good Midwest bloody mary as often as possible.

Feeling grateful this week for awesome people I've met on the internet. I've been catching up on some of my favorite blogs and I just think there are so many amazing people sharing their stories. Have a great weekend everyone.

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