May 10, 2013

Champagne Kind of Weekend

Happy freaking Friday (well, it will be Friday when you see this).  I'm celebrating a few things this weekend.  There might be a little champagne involved.

1.  Parks & Recreation is coming back next season.  I will treat myself to a 6th season.

2.  MN had a big win today.  We are a big step closer to legalizing same sex marriage.  Monday will be another big day because the Senate will vote.  I have faith that Minnesota will be the 12th state.  I love this place.  Are you looking to help?  Visit

3.  I just hit 50 GFC followers.  That's pretty awesome.  Insert awesome dance here:

you should watch all of these
4.  Mother's Day is this weekend and I have some pretty awesome mothers in my life.  We are taking my mom and grandma to the Twin's game on Sunday.  The first 10,000 women get Twin's sun hats that they are pretty excited for.  My grandma might even allow herself to have one light beer.

5.  The Rave Run is tonight.  We are running a glow in the dark race.  It's Kelsey's first race and I'm excited to be part of it.  The run starts at 9 PM and goes through Valley Fair and everyone wears glow in the dark glasses, bracelets and neon everyone.  I'll be happy if I make it through without falling over myself or someone else.

6.  My first trip to the Farmer's Market is happening on Sunday morning.  It's in my top five favorite places in Saint Paul.

7.  There is a possible girl's night happening on Saturday now that Theresa has moved back to Minnesota and Leah is going to be in town.  These are the same girls I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with last year in Arizona.  Read about it here.

8.  It's still birthday month and it's creeping closer and closer to birthday weekend.  I love May.

9.  I actually crossed something off my spring cleaning list this week.

10.  It's Friday.  Do I need more?

I give you 2 songs this week for #backthatazzup.  The first one reminds me over and over of last year's Arizona trip.  We listened to this song after our epic hike up Camelback Mountain, and then at least three more times while drinking by the pool.  

The second song is dedicated to my mom.  When I was a senior in high school, we went to California for Spring Break with her best friend and her daughter.  The four of us have had quite a few adventures, but this was one of my favorites.  To this day, I'm not sure if she was serious or not, but my mom heard this song on our trip and told us she loved it.  

When we asked her if she knew what it was about, she told us "thong sandals."  What?  She couldn't have been serious, right????  We got back to the hotel one night and they had purchased underwear from Victoria's Secret and were taking picture of thong underwear on their feet.  I have never laughed so hard in my life.

My mom is awesome and makes me laugh all the time.  Thanks mom for being the reason I just put some big booty girls shaking their asses on my blog.  Celebrate your mom this weekend in every way that you can.  Not just the mother that birthed you, but every single mother around you.  They all like to have a little fun, so how ever you can assist with that this weekend, DO IT.

Insert creepy love fest here.  Also, you should be a part of this girl's crew.  She is 3 people away from 3000 followers which makes her like a celebrity.  She's kind of a big deal and she's super funny and she's the one that started backthatazzup Friday.


  1. Congrats on 50 followers! TREAT YO'SELF!

  2. Definitely need to pop the champagne! I'll be joining you!

    Have fun at the Twins game! They are my second favorite team :)

  3. Pop that champagne!

    I love this- "My grandma might even allow herself to have one light beer." :)

  4. Hey girl hey! I'm a Minnesota blogger too! So happy about the bill passing house!!

    Congrats on 50 followers, you're awesome :)


  5. Woot wooooot for the birthday month!! YOu have a freaking awesome weekend planned!! I want pics of gma and her 1 beer!!

  6. Woooohooooo Minnesota and 50 GFC followers! I have a stupid Wordpress blog and we don't get to have GFC :(

  7. sounds like a fab weekend!!

    Congrats on 50 followers :)
    ALSO WOOOOO for MN getting closer to same-sex marriage legalization!!

    hopefully one day Missouri will do the same!

  8. congrats on 50 followers!!! Have a great weekend and celebrate!

  9. WAIT. Parks & Rec is coming back? HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN.

  10. I love Parks & Rec!! My friend just did a rave run, she loved it. Light up tutu and everything.


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