April 12, 2018

A Week of Food

I have gotten some feedback that people are interested in what a mostly vegetarian (fish every once in a while) eats during the week, so I'm documenting it for a week. There may be some wins and some losses. I'm not sure if it will be a healthy week or a "treat yourself" week, but who cares. I can always do this again.


AM - We made a full pot of coffee which we enjoyed on our neighborhood walk. We also made a couple of our Daily Harvest smoothies. This is my lazy way of getting a variety in smoothies without have a farmer's market up and running yet. If you want to try it, you can get 3 free cups using this link. I tried a Dragon Fruit one which is my favorite yet.

PM - We made Buffalo Cauliflower Po Boys using this A Beautiful Mess recipe. It was amazing. We love their recipes and haven't had a bad experience yet. This ended up being a very filling recipe and since we ate around 2:30, we ended up just snacking on crackers, cheese and red wine.


AM - Daily Harvest Watermelon + Cucumber smoothie and coffee for breakfast. I got hungry early so I was super happy I packed a Siggi's Vanilla yogurt for a morning snack. We were super prepared for Monday lunch and packed up the leftovers from the Buffalo Cauliflower Po Boys. Turns out there were just as good the next day and super filling.

PM - We had one final meal from Purple Carrot which is a plant based meal subscription box. We have really good luck with them - I have 2 free meals I can send if you've been wanting to try it - just comment below. The meal was Rancheros Burritos which had black beans, tofu and tomatillo salsa and it was amazing and way more food than I needed. I made a margarita cocktail to go with it. Duh, Margarita Monday is a thing.


AM - Stopped at Caribou coffee for a latte instead of my normal made at home coffee. Lunch came early because we had leftover mostaciolli and it was amazing.

PM - Justin had to go to the barber shop after work, so I took my laptop and a little work catch up next door to one of our favorite local bar/restaurants and enjoyed a Pale Ale and Walleye Tacos. We try not to eat out during the week more than once and usually we walk or bike, but it's been cold and we had errands to run so this just made sense.


AM - Coffee and a banana first thing in the morning. This is my busiest meeting day, so I don't have time to find snacks. By the time lunchtime came, I needed some food quickly - so we ordered a cheese pizza with green peppers.

PM - Holy crap, our best meal of the week (and maybe the month) was the Blue Apron meal we got called Miso Sweet Potato Donburi. Click here for the link to the recipe if you're interested. It involved roasted sweet potatoes, some slaw, good rice, soft boiled egg and some real good seasonings. This one will be taped up on the fridge and we will be making a trip to United Noodles to stock up on the random ingredients needed to make this.


AM - Coffee only this morning. I was extra tired at 5:30 and not ready to put anything together. By 11, I was so hungry so I snacked on a granola bar and grabbed a soda from the vending machine. We finally ordered lunch around 12:30. Because of my inability to be organized, we ordered in food. It was a Spinach Salad from Pizza Luce with a side of Mac & Cheese - one of our go-to meals.

PM - We were late getting home, so I was so happy that we had Blue Apron. No decision necessary. The meal was a grilled cheese sandwich with apples and mustard on it plus a side of carrots. We finished out the night with a beer while watching Blacklist.

Excuse the mess on my table.

In Conclusion - I actually thought I'd be horrified by this activity and I'm not. I exercised two of these days and hit 10,000 steps another. I would go a full week, but I'll be in Texas starting Friday and that's just not even fair. I'm super grateful that we subscribe to those meal plan boxes on weeks like this. They take the shopping and decision making out of the equation which just makes life easier. Plus, no food wasted.

Let me know if there's any recipes you want. I also share a lot of what we eat on Instagram. It's definitely not the pretty tablescaped meals, but I only share the good and tasty stuff.

Also, if you have any recommendations for Austin, Texas - send them my way!!


  1. that Blue Apron meal sounds amazing. i am so nosy and love seeing what people eat, especially when meat isn't a huge star in the meals. i'm always looking for meatless meal ideas!

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  5. My boyfriend is a vegetarian and I eat about 80% plant-based so have wanted to try a meal subscription service that was plant based. Would love to try it out based on your recommendation if you have the code you mentioned above?


Thanks for reading my ramblings. It makes my heart happy.