December 18, 2017

Good Decisions Lately

It's Monday night and time for a random stream of thoughts. Since things get a little crazy this time of year, I figured I'd share some of the good decisions I've made recently. Mostly to remind myself in the future, but maybe something will help you this week.

Getting back to NYC. I knew it would be painful to be away from NYC on Christmas this year, so my awesome husband said we should just go back. We found decent flights and had a weekend seeing as much as possible (including their first snow of the year.)

Timers for lights. Getting home from work after dark is lame, but when your Christmas lights are already on - it makes it a little better.

Trader Joe's trip... while hungry. Normally, the grocery store is a bad idea, but TJ's is different. There isn't one too close to our house, so I wanted to go a little overboard on the stuff that I can stock in the pantry and the freezer. All the gorgonzola gnocchi. Because some nights, nobody in this house wants to do more than stick a bowl in the microwave.

Loose fitting work shirts. (see above) This time of year, I definitely don't like saying no to all the seasonal goodies. Loft had everything I needed (per usual) and my favorites are this one and this one.

No gifts for the kiddos. We have the best nieces and nephew ever, but holy smokes do kids get a ton of gifts every year for Christmas. We are trying something new this year and only gifting them a picture frame. Along with that, we are taking them each somewhere on their own (depending on what they love to do) and having an "experience." We had our first one Friday night when we took the oldest to see Annie. It was so fun to have a whole night to hang out. It's so much more fun for us to spend money on fun times than toys.

2 for 1's. We went to brunch Saturday with friends. I wanted a Bloody Mary, but they had 2 for 1's on mimosas. Saved money and ended up with two brunch drinks instead of one. Just budget friendly.

Made vacation plans. What happens the day after your return from a weekend away? You plan another weekend getaway. We got back from New York midweek and had dinner with a couple of our favorites and made a ski weekend plan. Now we have our first few months of 2018 booked up and I'm so excited. We've got two cold weather sports adventure and one beach trip.

Bought this $5 item for my office. It brightens everything up and I love it.

Seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We waited until Sunday night because the hype of these movies on opening nights is overwhelming. I loved the movie. We watched the original trilogy and the Force Awakens over the last few months, so everything was fresh. I thought it was great and I don't get why people are so divided on it.

I have seven days left of work this year and made the best decision of taking the first week of the new year off. I'm pumped. Until then, loose clothing, fun times with the family and all the Christmas lights. Make good choices.


  1. I am 100% doing experience gifts with my niece and nephew when they get old enough to know what that is.

  2. 100% support in giving experiences instead of gifts. kids remember those things most instead of toys etc.

  3. I went to Rockefeller Center/Bryant Park this past Friday and it was MAGICAL in the snow. I know I'm biased because I love here, but there is NO PLACE BETTER than NYC during this time of year.


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