November 1, 2017


The last week has seemed like a complete blur to me. We had to say goodbye to Quincy on Tuesday unexpectedly and the days that followed are just mush. I'm working on a balance now of keeping busy but also giving myself time to be sad and snuggle Lola. I'll share more about Q later this week because I have a pretty epic collection of photos and memories that I want to post, but I'm going to attempt to get back to regular programming today with my usual first of the month post.

Here are the things happening currently in my world:

Watching Stranger Things on Netflix...finally. We've had this on our list for a while because lots of people suggested it, but October seemed like the right time to start plus now we have two seasons we can watch.

Reading this Fredrick Backman book and I'm loving it. It's a perfect transition to cold weather book.

Avoiding sugar this week. There is candy all over our office and the only way to have any control is to not eat any at all. The candy we bought for Trick or Treaters was candy we didn't like so we wouldn't be tempted to eat it all ourselves.

Loving these pins for my hair. I bought them on a whim at Target and used them for a wedding to put my hair up in something nicer than a ponytail. I only used two to keep my thick hair up and it took me seconds to make it work. They are now a staple for me. Why didn't I know about these sooner?

Missing daylight. It gets dark so early (which will only get worse with Daylight Savings Time) and I'm noticing the impact it has on me. I've been trying to figure out how to make our house a little more bright and happy.

Excited for our first Saturday & Sunday with no plans since we moved. We have been super lucky to have fun things every weekend, but there has been very little down time for us and I'm excited for a full day of pajamas, books and checking things off our to-do list.

Wanting this cookbook. We are almost done cooking our way through the Forest Feast book I got for Christmas last year and I think I'd like to have that adventure again with a new book. I'm open to suggestions if you know any other good vegetarian cookbooks.

Counting down to vacation. We have a few things planned for this winter and I'm super excited. We are visiting friends all over the country this winter to celebrate new homes, weddings and birthdays. As much as we miss our friends, it is pretty awesome having a tribe all spread out so we have excuses to go to awesome places.

Waiting for this collection to arrive on my doorstep. I've been using the lotion since it came out in July and now they have a full collection. I ordered two so that I can send out samples if you're interested in trying it.

Happy November all. Make sure you are all set to hit the polls next Tuesday.


  1. is stranger things scary? i'm hearing mixed messages.

  2. i am so sorry about quincy :(
    i hope you are enjoying beartown. i definitely need to try out those spiral pins, though my hair is super thin and fine. still, worth a try. i hate that it is getting dark so early now and it will only get worse. boo.

  3. So very sorry about Q :( thinking of you guys.

  4. I'm also not a fan of it getting dark so soon - let me know how Stranger Things is. I've heard good things about it, but not sure if I can hop on that bandwagon!

  5. I love this time of year so much, except for the lack of light.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about Quincy. I'm kind of jealous you guys got to watch both seasons of Stranger Things back to back- I was definitely wishing for more episodes! I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for DST and it being dark by 5pm :(

  7. You are doing so many things currently.That's pretty cool.I also love to engage my self in so many things like cooking,reading etc simultaneously.


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