October 19, 2017

More Favorite Podcasts

I got into the podcast universe about two years ago with the obsession with Serial and my increased desire to stay up to date on the news. I rounded up my favorite podcasts in this post, but I have so many new ones I subscribe to now.

Here are a few of my current favorites:

The Daily - This is an every weekday listen for me. I'm a happy subscriber to the New York Times. We get the Sunday paper each week and I have unlimited access to articles online. This is an add on that is free for everyone. It's about 20 minutes each day that usually features one big news story and a few smaller ones. Some of the topics are things I wasn't aware of at all and others allowed me to get a deeper understanding.

Foodstuff - I love talking about food, but who wants to listen to a podcast with recipes? No one. This podcast is far from that. They pick a topic each week and dive into the history and back story. In the last week, I've dove into their archives and listened to the Bloody Mary recipe which gave me all kinds of fun trivia about my favorite brunch drink and I also tuned in to an episode about juice cleanses (turns out I totally agree with them.) I did one a few years ago and wrote about it here and haven't done one since... which says a lot.

Pod Save America - If you have time, listen to everything from Crooked Media. This is the original podcast of theirs that I jumped into and I've stuck with them. I listen to the others when there is a topic or person I'm interested in, but they are doing some pretty amazing things in politics. It's a few guys that used to work for President Obama and since the election, they have made it their mission to educate while also saying the things we are all thinking. All of my favorite senators have been guests on the show and they only release twice a week so it's a little easier to keep up.

The Popcast - This is my new favorite pop culture podcast to listen to. Justin and I usually pick a couple topics to listen to on road trips and argue with them via the car speakers. They list out things like their favorite TV dads or the low key MVP's of Game of Thrones. They are pretty funny and it's fun to listen to their take on popular shows and movies.

Constitutional - I've talked about Presidential before on the previous podcast round up, but I still believe everyone should listen to it in the US because it recaps every president in their own podcast and shares information that we didn't learn in school. The Washington Post and Lillian Cunningham are back with a new concept. They are diving into the Constitution. The first few episodes tell you about how it came to be and then they start diving into important cases. I have some catching up to do, but so far, I love this as much as Presidential.

The UM Cast - Do you ever wonder what happens to bloggers that you kind of loved reading? So many just ghost the blog world. Thanks to Instagram and my apparent stalker capabilities, I discovered this podcast from this blogger that I used to follow all the time as she traveled the world. She now lives in San Diego with a toddler and started a podcast with another blogger. They have a few episodes out so far, so I gave them a listen and laughed throughout their friendly banter.

So that's my round up for now. What are you listening to? I feel like there are so many podcasts to choose from so I love being pointed in a certain direction.


  1. thanks for this; i've been looking for new podcasts to listen to.

  2. I'm listening to dirty john right now! It's fascinating to me so far!

  3. I'm definitely going to have to check out Foodstuff!


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