October 13, 2017

5 Things that aren't Negative this week

My week of self love and focus has been pretty great. I've gotten plenty of fresh air, exercise, good food and we've gotten the house almost to 100%. It's been a really productive week at work and at home. We have a busy weekend, but there's a little downtime to relax. With all the horrible stuff happening in the world, I figured I'd share some happy things that I love this week.

1. The Holiday collection launched for Beautycounter this week. It's so wonderful. So many different products for a great deal in beautiful packaging. They are all limited time items, so if you're interested, take advantage as soon as possible. Shop using this link: Beautycounter Holiday Collection. Any order that is $100 or more will receive a free gift from me between now and the end of the month, so take advantage!!

2. We just got our copy of this newest release of the illustrated Harry Potter books. I love these so much. I'm rereading all the books with the illustrations and they are gorgeous. Plus, we buy a copy for our nieces every year.

3. Speaking of books, we got the best gift in the mail from two of our favorite NYers and inside was this book. It's been on our wishlist for a while because who doesn't love dreaming about beautiful houses deep in the woods.

4. I heard the leader of this awesome organization speak on the Pod Save America podcast this week. I spent at least 20 minutes reading everything I could find online. The group is spreading to new communities and continuing to spread the word on the importance of being present in the community. I love that she talked about knowing real people and not just people on "social media." Check them out.

5. To round up my list of favorite things this week, we met up with my brother and sissy last weekend for brunch and we were finally able to get our hands on Quincy's new dog bed. If you haven't seen me mention it before, my sister in law has an Etsy shop and makes bandanas, bowties and "snuggle sacks" for dogs. Check out her shop here. This dog is one happy camper (pun intended.)

Tell me something you love or has made you happy this week. We have enough of the other shit online surrounding us. Happy Friday!


  1. I have been lurking dog rescue sites for the last few weeks and am pretty sure that when we do get a dog, it'll be better dressed/well taken care of than me!

  2. Ahhh I need to pick up the new illustrated Harry Potter! They're so beautiful!!

  3. Now I'm spending time on MASK. Awesome. thank you!

  4. I can't wait to see the new illustrated Harry Potter!! That dog bed and that dog! So happy you've got some positive going on this week!


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