August 14, 2017

Staycation Snaps

We originally had a trip scheduled to go to Seattle, but when we started doing our research, we decided that it wasn't the right time for us. Since we already had the time off of work, we decided to just stay home and enjoy five days of relaxation and fun. We had a good old fashioned staycation. We did this around the holidays, so we knew how wonderful it would be to just enjoy some time at home.

The weather was perfect, so we enjoyed a lot of time outside. On Wednesday, we took in a noon Mets game. We ate cookie dough, vegetarian hot dogs and cold beer while enjoying our seats in the shade. After the game, we walked to the Cobble Hill neighborhood and met some friends for drinks and dinner. We tried Ethiopian food and were blown away.

Thursday, Justin tried a float tank in the morning for the first time while I enjoyed some strolling around. I went into one of my favorite bookstores, sat at a coffee shop for my entire morning coffee and creeped on a film shoot. Once he was done, we did some shopping, got some ring dings and enjoyed lunch at our favorite local spot, Mekelburg's. Our afternoon was spent lounging and relaxing and trying a new Mediterranean take out spot.

We had a friend in town Friday, so we met her for brunch at the Rabbithole in Williamsburg. After an afternoon of fun, we grabbed slices of pizza, took the dogs for a long walk and then headed out to meet friends in downtown. We watched some baseball, enjoyed some fall like weather outside on patios and found a great little wine bar on a quiet street in FiDi. We had the place to ourselves and they had a great soundtrack. 

Saturday was another relaxing day. We read books, walked to General Greene for waffles, finished a 2000 piece puzzle (yes that's a real amount and it took us months) and watched When Harry Met Sally. 

We finished off our perfect long weekend with a Sunday Stroll in the West Village complete with breakfast tacos and a cheese plate at Murray's Cheese Bar. We tracked down one of our friends in Washington Square Park and hung out for a while. We ended our evening with pizza and Game of Thrones.

It was exactly what we needed. We accomplished all of our staycation goals - naps, books, beer, tacos and dogs. Plus, we had one of our favorite New York City moments which I'll share in a separate post.

The things going on in the world right now are horrifying and heartbreaking. I want to write about it, but every time I started this weekend, there were tears and lots of profanity. I'm going to focus on the kindness challenge from Chelsea (see the details here) and just give love as much as possible this week. Spread some love today friends.


  1. I am now craving cookie dough thanks to this post! Sometimes a staycation is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  2. i love staycation...just being in your house and walking around your own city is the best.


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