July 16, 2017

Why I Love Game of Thrones

I have so many friends that would update Facebook on Sunday nights with posts about winter and the iron throne and I didn't get it. I understood a tiny bit about Game of Thrones, but didn't really have the interest. I can't remember what started it, but last year, we decided to sit down and watch the first two episodes. We always give shows two chances. Good thing too because the first episode was a little overwhelming. After the second hour, we were hooked. 

We are currently watching the last few episodes of season six and prepping for tonight's big premiere. Unless you live under a rock, you've been seeing the tweets and posts about it everywhere. If you're like I was two years ago, you might roll your eyes and say that it's not your thing, but I thought I'd share the reasons I love the show in case you're on the fence.

A bunch of bad ass women. Seriously, the talented ladies in this show are everything. There is no shortage of powerful females in these stories and it makes it easier to have multiple favorites.

Nerdy discussions are necessary. I can't tell you how many happy hours have been spent arguing over our favorite characters and creating conspiracy theories.

There is an entire map that I can reference while watching the show. I love maps, so this website makes me so happy.

Iceland and the other beautiful places it is filmed. The scenery alone makes me want to travel to all kinds of new places. Lots of filming is done in Iceland, Croatia and Scotland.

The right blend of character development and hard core action. I'm not a fan of non stop fighting scenes or action movies. This show definitely has that, but the stories and writing are so detailed that it doesn't feel like I'm just watching battles non stop.

It isn't a huge commitment. This season, there are only 7 episodes. While sometimes I wish there were more in each season, I'm also happy that I can stick with it. Shows with 20+ episodes each season take so much time to watch.

The music. I love it. I missed out on a live orchestra performance of some of the music last year and I'm still kicking myself over it.

Even after watching many episodes twice already, I still find myself discovering new clues and character connections I didn't notice the first time. The story is so complicated, but you find yourself wanting to learn more. Plus, I haven't even tried the books yet, so there's a whole different level I could take this love to.

If you're watching the premiere of season 7, I'm with you. If you're thinking about giving the first episode a try, I fully support that idea. I'm off to get my wine poured and get comfortable. Cheers!


  1. I love reading about the "theories" re: Jon Snow and all those little clues that these people somehow did up and when I read them, I think "OMG THEY'RE TOTALLY RIGHT!!".

  2. i got super into it a year or two ago and then didn't watch the most recent season, but i'm sure i'll catch up one day. KC has read all the books, i tried to get into them but didn't like the first one. maybe one day lol.

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