May 5, 2017

Three Things

Do you ever see someone post something on their magical space on the internet and then get excited to copy them? That happened to me this week. Kait posted this 3 things survey and it brought me back to those quizzes we used to fill out in middle school on a notebook sheet of paper. Plus, I'm too intimidated to really update me "about me" page with anything recent.

Three things I'd never give up - my library card, pizza and the internet

Three favorite vegetables - Cauliflower (because it can become ANYTHING), Zucchini (see previous explanation) and Carrots (but mostly because I love carrot juice)

Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end - How I Met Your Mother, The Office and Seinfeld - I can safely say that I've seen every episode of these three shows at least 2 times. Honorable mentions: Lost (hated the ending so much), 24 (unless you count the weird comebacks)

Three places I want to visit inside the US - the Florida Keys, Pacific Northwest and Grand Canyon

Three places I want to visit outside the US - I'm going to exclude our upcoming trip because you'll read enough about that in the near future. I would say New Zealand, Patagonia and Norway/Sweden.

Three things I always have with me - Metro card, iPhone and headphones

Three things that are always in my car - This is an interesting question because we don't really use the car except for work appointments. I know there's a dog bed, a case of all our old CD's and the EZ pass. If I'm going in the car, I always bring coffee, my water bottle and sunglasses.

Three most recent calls were from/to - This answer is lame because they are all work calls. I did get to catch up with my girlfriend who is having a baby this month on the phone this week and I plotted some US Open plans with my dad who is coming back for a second year and bringing my godfather. I'm not much of a phone talker, so it's rare to have more than two non work conversations in a week.

Three most used makeup products - This mascara has has a built in curler, this eyeliner in multiple colors and this moisturizer that has SPF and a tint that even skin tones while hydrating. When I get really crazy, I'll put on eye shadow and lip gloss. Crazy, I know.

Three things that make me laugh - Trevor Noah and the Daily Show, The Daily Tay and the daily shenanigans of Quincy & Lola. Also, the Skimm when it tells me things like the woman that accidentally named her son Darthvader while on anesthesia.

Three things that make me cry - All weddings (happy tears obviously), any animal videos - happy or sad, really good book endings (this book was the last one that made me cry and I loved it so much.)

Quincy wishes you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. We have the same three things we always carry with us! Mind if I borrow this post? I love these! Oh, and I also want to visit the PNW, I love seeing new areas of the country. I'm dying to go to Utah or Colorado as well! Happy Friday!!

  2. the nordic countries are definitely on my bucket list! i'm waiting for K to be older so she can appreciate it.

  3. a woman that accidentally named her son Darthvader?! hahahaha. i haven't read a man called ove but i love a good cry inducing book lol

  4. I just finished writing my 3 Things post! I've just started my blog and I'm open to comments, suggestions, and feedback! Check it out and let me know what you think!


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