May 18, 2017

Things I've Started Since I Turned 30

In case you missed the first post in this series, catch up here. I'm back with another list. This time around, I'm focusing on the things I've brilliantly started doing since I turned 30.

Library Cards - If you don't have one, run now and get one. It's the easiest thing ever and it has saved me a fortune. Plus, our library is awesome.

Secretly Saving Money - I've been using Digit which is an app that is super easy to set up, gains interest and can be managed on my phone. I was able to squirrel away our spending money for Europe without much thought over the last few months because it does the hard part for me - moving money to a special spot so I won't touch it. I also have my bank put $1 in savings every time I use my check card - that adds up too. Accepting that you might never be a great saver is the first step to finding ways to trick yourself.

In Season Fruits & Veggies - We bought some wall decor that hangs in our kitchen that reminds us what produce we should be using in our cooking. It's better for the environment to buy in season items, but they also taste better and save you money. Our banner comes from a little store in Brooklyn, but I just found this awesome Etsy shop that has totes and posters by state and they look awesome.

Composting - Did anyone else get super excited to see the brown bins appear ALL over New York City last week? We bought this little composting bin about a month ago and it's been helping us cut down our garbage by a ton. Once a bag fills, I stick it in the freezer (which is empty except for ice cream anyways) and then twice a week in our neighborhood, you can drop off your "scraps" to be composted in community gardens or farms. It's the little steps people.

Credit Cards with Miles - I don't know about anyone else but the idea of "credit" has always been negative. I'm afraid of having bad credit, I don't know much about credit. We started researching travel cards for points when we started traveling more for work. Now, we are heading to Europe next week for $52 per person thanks to miles. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. You just can't be the person that uses it all the time and doesn't pay it off. That's when credit is BAD.

A Website with my Husband - I haven't shared this on this blog yet, but for the last year, Justin and I have been working on a website, called The Tumbling Nomad, that focuses on the environment and also adventures. It's been really fun to work on together and has given me some awesome experience with Squarespace. We are starting to look for guest posters, so if you're interested - definitely let me know. Or just check it out by clicking here and let me know what you think.

HBO - I never understood why people paid for this channel, even when I loved Entourage. Then Game of Thrones happened to us and there's no going back. We love John Oliver and Big Little Lies. I can't wait to start binge watching Veep on my next rainy day. They have Camp Nowhere available right now. Plus, they have so many awesome documentaries and specials. And you can't forget about the "lorn." haha. I'm hooked.

Reviews Nonstop - I write positive reviews anytime I had a good experience anywhere. It's crazy how often I read reviews when shopping or picking restaurants, so I want to make sure to shout out any awesome places. I keep everything honest, but try to call out people by name. I work in a business that lives and breathes customer service reviews so I know how important it is. Plus, it takes only a minute or two.

Cooking - Turns out, you just have to keep doing it to get better. It's become something that I love doing now and I never thought I'd be able to say that. I'm still working my way through this cookbook and I've learned even more words that I never knew before. If only I could register for my wedding now instead of 9 years ago. My kitchen would be filled with all the perfect tools. That's a post for a different day.

The Dentist - Still hate going, but I make myself do it. I finally found a dentist that I really like and he doesn't freak me out as bad as some have in the past, so I'll call it a win.

Good Skin Care - Turns out this stuff is important and when you start to learn about skincare products (as well as make up and other cosmetics) - you find out there's a lot of bad stuff in many products. I've spent the last few years testing out all kinds of stuff and I landed on Beautycounter for most of my skincare stuff. I'll probably do a round up of the other brands I use regularly at some point too. I liked Beautycounter so much that I joined them as a consultant to help their mission of safer beauty for everyone in the US (and Canada.) You can learn more about it by clicking on the link on the sidebar or just by checking out the giveaway :)


So now that I've shared this stuff with you guys - I want you to have a chance to get on board. I'm doing a little something special for my birthday. I'm going to giveaway one of the Beautycounter+ Spa Sets. There are three to choose from (and clicking on the links will give you more info about each) - No. 1 Brightening Set, No. 2 Plumping Set and No. 3 Balancing Set. Each one comes with a mask, a mist and a face oil. Exciting stuff.

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That's all for today. Happy Thursday!


  1. what a great giveaway.

    I'm lucky in that my husband and I work for TV so we have top of the line tv package and don't pay a cent!

  2. That is so cool you started a website together! I followed! I didn't pay much attention to skincare until I got close to 30.

  3. Yay for composting! I love my brown bin, but I think I'm the only one in my building who uses it. 😐


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