March 23, 2017

Love Letters to New York City

I don't know if I say it enough on this blog, but I love New York City. I wanted to start documenting some of the things I love the most so that if I'm ever forced to leave this wonderful place, I'll be able to jump back into these memories a little easier.

Pigeons - I don't really love these birds, but I love how much Lola loves them. On our morning walk today, she almost caught one and she was so fired up about it. They make for pretty easy targets because some of them are so fat, they can barely fly away, but it never gets old for Lola to lunge at them. Pure entertainment for an apartment dog.

Variety of Cuisine - We went to dinner last weekend with friends and we picked one tiny little neighborhood. When we had to determine the restaurant, I was able to send her my favorite Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Fancy Place and Japanese within those few blocks without even trying. I had to take a step back and appreciate our fortune. In case you were wondering, we settled on Sauce - an Italian restaurant. We had an amazing server that had a heavy pour on the red wine and amazing food.

Rooftops - I love the view from above. We don't get it often being on the second floor of a small apartment in Brooklyn, but when we are in Manhattan and find ourselves on a higher floor - I never miss the chance to just stare for a while. It really feels like you are on top of the world.

The Man Downstairs - We have a bodega crawling distance from our front door. I don't buy too much there because I would be poor if I got all the necessities, but I do stop in there for a 6 pack every once in a while or a pint of ice cream. The guy that works there is fantastic. He taught me to use the credit card reader so I could check myself out if he's busy.

Spray Paint Wizards - The amazing art on the walls around every corner are amazing. This picture was from Bushwick (you can see more photos here) but there are buildings like this in every neighborhood. I can't get enough. It's such a cool talent. I can't even draw stick figures, so for now, I'll just appreciate others' talents.

Cleanly - I already raved about this service in my post about making life easier in NYC, but I can't say enough about it. The fact that I don't have to drag my ass to the laundromat is amazing and I will give up quite a bit to be able to pay someone to help with this.

Those are my love letters this week. I'll have more, especially when spring decides to bloom all over this city. Have you ever been here? Do you love it?


  1. I loved New York this past year when I visited for the first time! I would love to go back and not do the typical touristy things I did last time. Really get to know the city.

  2. i LOOOVE NY! we're heading down there in May because my husband is racing in the NYGF! i'm also going to be looking for a muay thai gym to try out (heard that the NY fight scene is amazing).

  3. wow that's so cool the guy showed you how to use the credit card reader if you're busy. i miss the variety of available cuisine that comes with living in a big city. sigh.


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