November 23, 2016

Thank You Notes Vol. 13

Thank you holiday misfits which is the group of friends that we have that all come from different places but are staying in the NYC area this weekend. We shall drink, stuff our faces and all cheer for the Vikings because friends support friends.

Thank you leggings for fitting after I stuff my face with all the food.

Thank you New York City for providing me with weird moments. I already shared with you my celebrity run-in and then this weekend we encountered lots of protests and the most vulgar encounter I've ever had with a human. Life is never boring. Also, you've been really pretty to look at this week.

Thank you Patagonia for being awesome. They gave all their employees the day off on election day and now they've announced that they are donating 100% of profits on Black Friday to environmental non-profits. Hats off to you. I'll definitely spend some money there on Friday.

Thank you parking Gods for saving us a spot right in front of our apartment. We grocery shopped today for our Thanksgiving meal prep and we will need to carry those prepped dishes back to the car on Thursday AM. Sometimes parking in our neighborhood sucks, but today - it didn't.

Thank you dog loving people for checking out the giveaway from Monday. My sister in law is awesome and so is her Etsy shop and I'm happy to help spread the word. Go enter if you haven't. Also, look how cute my dogs are.

Thank you Fed Up on Netflix for giving us a health goal for the new year. We are going to take a break from sugar for 8 weeks. We are going to use this book for a game plan and some recipes and we are actually super excited.

Thank you Sawyer who is my awesome nephew. He's the easiest person on my Christmas list to shop for because he's a three year old boy who loves trucks, trains and construction equipment. It brings back memories of my little brother as a toddler. Now he's a 26 year old... WHAT?!?!

I usually have these thank you notes as a funny little post on the blog, but I am truly grateful for the spot I'm at in my life. So thank you real life for the people in my life, the places I get to call home and my dogs. I am insanely lucky and I work hard every day to say thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Tell me what you're most thankful for.


  1. Yes, NYC does provide some weird moments. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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