October 19, 2016

#trendingontwitter: Debate Recap (and my own opinions)


Yep, the debate in my own made up hashtags based on watching twitter during the debate. The moderator was great, this was closer to an actual debate, there were no handshakes. I think I got most of it.

I have tried to stay fairly quiet on the internet because I've had enough awesome conversation about politics in face to face conversations, but now I just want to be clear. I'm horrified at the comments I have heard in the debates. Saying that all the Syrian refugees are ISIS supporters makes me have angry tears. Comparing the Roe v. Wade discussion to women ripping fetuses out 1, 2, 3 or 4 days before the "end" is not OK. He has no experience dealing with foreign policy. He seems confused about how our government works every time he attacks HRC about why she didn't change the law. Using one example to generalize an entire group of people is not OK.

I've said it's become too emotional for me and that's still true. I can barely handle a normal person conversation about this.

Here is where I stand:

I support all the women who have had to make hard decisions about their body. Oh yeah, and women everywhere. I can't even believe that these topics are still on the table.

I support all the people who are running from a terrifying situation in their home countries. The whole world is dealing with this refugee crisis and it needs to be talked about.

I support a "no fly, no buy" restriction... but personally, I would like all guns to go away (in my fairytale land with unicorns.)

I support all my neighbors in this great city - we don't shoot each other on the way to the store and we have great people in our neighborhood and our city. We are all humans and we all deserve respect and love and kindness.

I support humanity, respect, equal rights. I also support democracy, so buckle up - here we go.

I will be exercising my right to vote on Nov 8. I hope you all take the time to read, learn, ask questions and get to know all the names on your ballot. President is not the only thing we are voting for. I could go on and on and on and on, but I'll leave it here:


Less than three weeks friends. Stay cool, be respectful and vote. We have to survive this crazy election and learn something from it.


  1. I'm with you, thanks for getting political. I love when people get REAL on their blogs. This is really REAL and really SCARY. I work front desk in a gym and have people who I used to think were sensible come up to me and start spouting their self-justified reasoning for voting for Trump. I truly can't believe he is the Republican nominee. 3 weeks is gonna go by real fast!

  2. I feel like horrified is about the only word that sums it up. On the nightly news earlier this week there was some story about something ridiculous about the election drama and then the next story was iraq aka a warzone where you see children and families wandering around. While we're over here busy bullying each other over ridiculous made up things, people are dying. It's all so very sad.

  3. I'm with her (have to vote absentee, I already cast my ballot), and I'm with you.

  4. i would also like to live in the fairytale land with unicorns and no guns.

  5. I'm with her too. And yes, this magical fairytale land with no guns would be amazing. But, short of that, I would like to see more gun control laws put into place. The Supreme Court decision is the thing that terrifies me the most about if Trump were elected. (Though Obama should've been able to fill the vacancy, but that's neither here nor there.)

    My coworkers have always talked about how much they hate Hillary ("I hate her voice," "She reminds me of my mom, who's a principal"--y'all sound sexist, but okay) but for the most part have said Trump is an idiot...but today one of them goes, "You know what, I like him." And then two others admitted it too...and I wanted to vomit.

    Anyway, I'm writing my own post over here with this long comment haha. BUT I bought a Nasty Woman t-shirt today where half the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. Can't wait to get it. Haha!


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