October 12, 2016

If We Were Having Happy Hour...

I have some random thoughts, so let's talk about them. I'm enjoying a Crispin while writing this, so you probably should too. I always love reading people's "coffee dates" but the truth is, 75% of the time I would probably meet you for a cocktail.

If we were having Happy Hour...

I would probably ask you what good local breweries you've been to lately. I love the little places. I love talking about beer with people that get excited about it. I have a growler that I like to refill when we find something awesome.

I would avoid talking about politics if I thought that you didn't lean the same direction as me. It's gotten so emotional for me lately with the latest news. I enjoyed discussing politics the last few months because this has been one of the craziest elections ever. The closer we get to the election, the more emotional I find myself getting while having these conversations. It's too hard to have a productive conversation with some of the people in my life and I hate that.

I would ask you where your favorite place is to see the fall colors. We are heading south to the Blue Ridge Parkway later this month and I'm so excited. I doubt anything can beat New England, but I'm keeping an open mind.

I would probably order some kind of food with cheese. When the weather gets cold, I want cheese on absolutely everything. Plus, what is a good happy hour without snacks?

I would tell you that the temperatures in New York City the last few days can not be beat. The dogs have been on longer walks, we have happily strolled while running all of our errands and we finally paid a visit to Prospect Park because we just wanted to spend our evening outside.

I would ask you if you've ever tried Jeni's ice cream. It's the best ice cream I've ever eaten. There is a buttermilk mint flavor that tastes like those pink, yellow and green mints that are amazing. I also love the strawberry flavor. I eat a few bites every night and I don't care if it's bad for me.

I would remind you that the Justin Timberlake special is available on Netflix tonight. I'll be watching it shortly because I love him and I hope he puts out new music soon.

So that's it. I really got to run. I've got Suit & Tie playing in my head and I need to get my fix. Cheers to you and happy hump day.


  1. Warm cheese during cold weather cannot be beat. I'm talking spinach and artichoke dip, home made mac & cheese, and shaved parmesan sprinkled on top of broccoli and cheddar soup.... damn it's a good thing I'm not lactose intolerant.

    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

  2. I'm a political junkie, but the yammering that is getting louder and louder ... it's just almost too much for me. Most of my friends lean the same as me this go round, so thankfully I have sounding boards. And I've never seen fall in New England but I CAN tell you, the parkway is friggin' A+ - you'll have a blast!

  3. I can usually hang in conversations about different political views and walk away afterwards not feeling ill towards the other person...but this time is just different. It's just pushing me to the limit UGH.

  4. I love Jeni's! The salted caramel is freaking amazing.

    I'm pretty finished trying to talk to people on the other end of the political spectrum as me, especially after this week. I don't have it in me anymore.

  5. Yeah, talking about politics with anyone on the other end of the spectrum as you at this time is pretty much impossible. There's no way I could have a civilized conversation with someone who doesn't agree with my right now, so I'll just stay away from those conversations. Ha! At least there's less than a month left!

  6. i don't drink coffee so i am always down for a cocktail instead :) and snacks too, of course. all the cheese!
    i am the same with politics. i'm also not very good with words in general and find it hard to say what i mean/think sometimes and i just get really emotional instead.


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