October 3, 2016


The weather is changing and we can finally keep our windows open all day. I love this time of year... me and every other human it seems. Since it's always been a thing on this blog near the first of the month, today I will fill you in on what's happening in my world right now.

Anticipating tonight's football game. Giants vs. Vikings on Monday Night Football. My fantasy team did unbelievable this week, so I would like the same out of my reality team (plus I have Diggs in the flex.)

Excited about the leaves starting to change. We are road tripping down to North Carolina in a few weeks to visit friends and I'm hoping our drive will have so many good fall colors.

Reading Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari and Primates of Park Ave by Wednesday Martin. Both are books that take a deeper dive into specific social situations and I love that kind of stuff. I probably need to pick up some sort of novel to dive into before my air travel this week though since these books just don't read as quickly.

Smelling that rainy day smell outside. Everything feels a little cleaner and crisper at the start of this week.

Playing along with the photo a day challenge for October. It's rainbow themed and I love flipping through people's colorful photos. You can see the prompt's here and follow me on Instagram here. Today's prompt is purple which is awesome because the Vikings are playing :)

Loving the walking we've been doing the last month. I have hit 10,000 steps every day without much effort because it's been so nice to be outside and exploring. Running errands is all done by foot instead of by car which I LOVE. Just walking the pups, grabbing toilet paper and a trip to the library will get me to 10k. I want to keep this up even when the weather gets cold. Plus, the views we have close to us...

Starting a 30 day yoga challenge. I was inspired by Chelsea to get onboard and since my mom left this AM, we are going to start today. Thank goodness we have enough room in our apartment to roll out the mats.

Laughing at SNL this week. I thought Alec Baldwin was phenomenal. Margot Robbie doesn't really do it for me, but this next week's host is the writer of Hamilton and I can't wait.

Shopping for Boots. I had some cheap brown boots from Old Navy that lasted me 4 years, but they had finally seen the end of the line. Now, I'm hunting for new ones. I've got my eye on something like these or these. I'm not a fan of shoe shopping, but it will be worth it. Also, I've been wanting a new backpack. I've added this one to my Christmas list. I want one that will last a long time, hold my laptop and just be better than the one strap bags that hurt my shoulders.

Looking for new podcasts. I shared my 6 favorite podcasts back in June and I still listen to almost all of them (Anna Faris is a hit or miss for me) but I know that there are constantly new ones being added and I like to get suggestions from anyone that listens.

Thankful for all the awesome comments on my last post about how blogging has changed. I was able to check out some new blogs, but more importantly, I got some reassurance that I wasn't the only person that had thought about this.

So tell me, do you have any new podcasts that you listen to? What did you think of Alec Baldwin?


  1. i scored 2 backpacks for dirt cheap at Target - both were $8.98 (one was Puma, the other was Champion). i love me some backpacks as well.

  2. I love that backpack. Great wishlist item. I don't use them often but often think about using them. hahaha

    Love the bridge views. Great pics.

  3. Oooh, I bet that drive down to NC will be amazing! :) Also... somehow I had unfollowed on IG sooo that sucked :( FIXED!!

  4. Highly recommend anything by Liane Moriarty for easy, quick, but super good reads! I just finished The Husband's Secret - SO GOOD. Her stories are written in such unique ways!

    Also, can't wait for the details on your NC trip. Really hoping it works out for us to meet up on your way down!!!

  5. I love being outside this time of year! We are road tripping to NC next week, and I'm so excited. :)

  6. i haven't seen the SNL thing but i do like alec baldwin normally. i also quite like margot robbie, though sometimes she's a bit eh. i really struggle with boots so don't really own any that i actually wear (unless you count my hunter boots) but i really like the first ones you linked.


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