July 14, 2016

Moments from Last Weekend... (A Nashville Recap)


I just returned from a 3 day weekend in Nashville to celebrate Emma's bachelorette party. The whole weekend was an absolute blast. This was my second time there in July with disgustingly hot temperatures (see my recap of my first time here.) With a group of seven girls, it's hard to keep up with everyone and their shenanigans. I figured I'd keep it simple and give you a run-down of my accomplishments and happy moments from the weekend.

I drank a beer and watched live music before even leaving the airport.

I ate Hushpuppies and tried Catfish for my first time. (Acme Feed & Seed is pretty great.)

I stood in line outside in 100 degree heat for breakfast and then I was able to say that it was worth it. (Yep, it was Biscuit Love and there were cheese grits and biscuits involved.)

I tried Bonuts. Biscuit + Doughnut + Mascarpone + blueberry jam. So much better than I even imagined.

I was more sweaty than I have been my last 10 times at the gym.

I listened to Stevenson Everett cover Garth Brooks and it brought back some amazing memories.

I rode around downtown on a golf cart.

I saw some super disturbing YouTube videos after a game of Cards Against Humanity turned into a learning experience. For the love of God, do not google Cake Farts or anything else you've never heard of in that game... or do, but just be prepared for nightmares.

I spent hours having girl talk with my friends and laughing so hard that my face hurt.

I woke up to mimosas, MTV, yoga poses and a three hour discussion about Facebook. Let's go ahead and call that an ideal Saturday morning.

I found a shady spot on the rooftop of Tootsie's to enjoy a cold beer and some epic people watching.

I finally experienced Roger's Western World which I quickly found to be a favorite of most of my Instagram followers. I TOTALLY agree with you. This is what I wanted in Nashville.

I enjoyed the mist fountains on the rooftop of another bar that I don't remember or care about the name of. The two people performing there looked like they hated singing, playing the guitar and just any fun in general. We didn't stay there long.

I enjoyed a champagne toast and the most amazing dinner at Urban Grub.

I wanted to go across the street to the Peach Truck, but I was WAY too stuffed from dinner.

I watched my friends sing song after song at Santa's Pub while enjoying $2 PBR tallboys.

I screamed Africa by Toto into the microphone to end the evening.

I slept very little Saturday night and looked like a disaster at the airport.

I got recognized in the gift shop from my Toto performance the night before at Santa's Pub. I died a little bit inside and then decided to be proud that I made that much of an impact on this entire bachelorette party group. And then of course they were on my flight.

I landed back in NYC and had enough energy to have brunch with my husband and then an epic nap on my couch.

In summary:

I drank at least 5 gallons of water, probably a bottle of wine, 3 mimosas, 1 glass of champagne, more beers than I can count - but that water saved me from feeling any sort of hangover. #adultwin  Also, I kind of lost my voice... I have to remind myself that yelling isn't singing.

Eventually, I'll go and see some of the music sites and spend some more time exploring the different neighborhoods. I'll get a chance to go to Pinewood Social and Pancake Pantry and the other places I drool over but haven't visited yet. But, until then, I have all these awesome memories from this epic girl's weekend.


  1. I need to go to Nashville with you - especially to Santa's Pub!!!

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  3. Those bonuts, though. How have I not heard of these before? Drool.

  4. "I screamed Africa to end the night" HAHA- this is why you are fabulous! :) So glad you had an awesome time in Nashville. It's such a fun city and you got to see a lot of awesomeness!

  5. hahaha i love that they recognised you, and go you for being proud! i have been to nashville twice and still haven't done a lot of the things you are supposed to do, or whatever. we live super close so i really want to back soon. naturally, my first order of business is to get a bonut thingy. that looks amazing!

  6. I often get emotionally involved. Like when I read your post, I can cry, laugh, sad, funny, depending on your written words. I think you are a sensitive person.


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