May 17, 2016

Life Lately

Things have been happening over here. Lining up summer travels, selling a house, picking up trash, eating pizza, running away and buying an entire pack of stickers that have R Kelly lyrics on them. That has been our last 10 days in a nutshell.

Let's see. What to start with.

Obviously you are all curious about the R Kelly stickers. Sadly, I can't find them on the internet anywhere... which seems like a huge problem, but if you're really interested - I'd be happy to mail you one or two. I thought it was a sticker pack of funny rap lyrics, but it's only R Kelly and I've been having a blast hiding them in happy mail. This game will continue for a while. Best $3.95 I've spent this year.

Next, let's address the running away. Life has been NUTS lately. There was a two week trip back to Minnesota to get the house ready to list. We returned and never stopped for two seconds to just breath. One thing I've learned in my last few years is how to notice the signs of an impending brain explosion (which leads to crying, anger and unpleasantness). When the signs are there, we run away - usually north to the woods. It was a much needed quick weekend retreat without phones, computers or city noise. I can safely say that we are back in action and calmed down again.

Trash and pizza? That was a quick recap of our most recent weekend. We did some beach clean up on Sunday. It was a couple hours with some awesome people cleaning up people's crap from the beach. I can't go into it too much because I'm still so angry at people's ignorance. And then we ate pizza - always pizza.

Last but definitely not least, we found out within 24 hours of our St. Paul house going on the market, that our hard work paid off. We accepted an offer and close in a few weeks. I have to say that selling a house is just as stressful as buying a house and I'm so grateful that we didn't have to ride that roller coaster too long. I'll share some pics soon.

So really, this was like one long preview of some more in detail posts to come. I just had to make sure I remembered my login for the blog... just kidding, it's only been two weeks, but I'm supposed to make a comment like that, right?

Oh and I chopped all my hair off and took this super cute before & after picture. Get jealous of my modeling skills.

Seriously, I will send you R Kelly stickers if you have a friend you want to surprise with some raunchy lyrics. Just comment below.


  1. love the new 'do!

    selling/buying homes is one of the most frustrating yet exciting but frustrating things. yes, i used 'frustrating' twice because it's 100% true.

  2. First things first. I'm going to need some raunchy lyrics sister. THAT. is hilarious and I can't wait to sneak them in birthday cards to my sisters :) and your hair looks cute!

  3. Ha! Love the lyric stickers!! And your hair chop is fantastic.... I'm trying to dig deep and find my inner hair chopping mojo.. haven't gotten there yet though!

  4. I love your house free chop!

    Congratulations on selling. That's fabulous.

  5. That is SO hilarious about the R. Kelly stickers. I can't believe they exist! Congrats on selling the house and looooooving the hair! It looks so great! :)

  6. oh my gosh the R Kelly stickers sound amazing!! i never send mail otherwise i'd be all about them.
    and your hair looks fabulous. congrats on selling, i am not looking forward to that when we do it one day.


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