February 4, 2016


It's February! One month down of this magical year. This marks the month of love. I'm not necessarily a fan of Valentine's Day. We've never exchanged gifts or been any different on that day, but I do enjoy the hearts and love related things that fill the aisles of Target.

Currently, I'm...

Wearing my usual uniform of leggings and a sweaters. When you work from home, you spend the winter happy that you don't have to dress up very often. I do keep things interesting by trying new lip colors or jewelry when I'm feeling girly.

Cleaning up some things on the blog. I'm working through a checklist to get organized.

Listening to Sam Cooke and Ray Charles. You can't stop me. I just put them on the record player and my heart instantly gets happy. I also understand that this puts me so much closer to hipster status.

Practicing tiny acts of love. I've learned over the last year that I need to let go of some sadness and anger and we found this book on New Year's Day, so every morning, we read the entry and talk about it. The challenges are simple and the questions can be thought provoking.

Watching Real Housewives of Potomac. I love a whole new group of ladies, especially when they claim to be obsessed with etiquette. Newsflash: They ALWAYS end up looking a little trashy, but that's what I love about it. Anyone else watching this?

Falling Behind on my reading challenge this year. I finished my first two books, but I haven't made the time to read recently. I'll be recapping some recent reads next Tuesday and hopefully that will spark my reading enthusiasm. I am reading After You right now and loving it.

Smelling the Sweet Rose candle made by Nature's Wick from Target. It smells like springtime. It feels like spring outside this week, so it just felt right.

Missing extended family. Every time we go home, we get some time in with sisters, brothers, parents, etc, but I miss my aunts, uncles and cousins. I'm hoping we figure out how to see everyone this summer.

Counting down the days until Costa Rica and they are in the single digits. Sorry in advance if your Instagram feed is blown up with flamingo floaties, sunshine and beaches. I've never been on a beach trip in my life, so I think I might be out of control.

Laughing at the final touches on the trophies for our Fantasy Football league. We will be doing an award ceremony in Costa Rica since the league champion will be present. There is a little crafting happening this weekend.

Using Kiehl's lotion with Argan Oil nonstop. Is anyone a Kiehl's user? I'm getting lots of mixed messages regarding their brand, but I've been researching ingredients and I'm not freaked out like I am with many products. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

So that's it. Happy LOVE month. Let me know what you're up to.

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  1. I wish I could work from home, especially in the winter! Give me my oversized sweat shirts, leggings and uggs and I am set!

  2. Um. I'm totally LOVING Housewives of Potomac, but also think its because I'm only a few minutes away in Northern VA. Love this idea for a post, thanks for sharing.

    Erin, Attention To Darling Blog

  3. thanks so much for linking up with gretch and i!

    please don't apologise for overgramming on vacation, that is my favourite part of other people's vacations haha. single digits! so exciting.

    i'm so glad you're enjoying after you! i loved it. it was a bit weird at first, and i know a lot of people disliked it, but i loved it. i also just saw the trailer for me before you yesterday and cannot wait to see the movie.

    Also, Sam Cooke <3

  4. Thanks for linking up! PLEASE overgram on vacation! We're expecting snow again next week! I'm jealous of your "uniform" but I'll be wearing a similar one soon!

  5. You've never been on a beach vacation?!?!?! I am ever more excited for you now! Beach vacations are the best, so relaxing!! When do you guys leave?!

    Yes, I am watch RHOP. I don't know that I'd stick around if they weren't in the area (fun fact: I got my wedding dress in Potomac, MD!), but I've at least watched the first 2 episodes and have #3 on the DVR waiting for some down time.

    We're currently burning a Nature's Wick candle too! Well, I guess not currently because our house might be burning down if that were the case, but you get the picture ;) I LOVE the sound of the wood crackling!

    Is After You the follow up to Me Before You? I haven't heard great things about that one, so I'm curious to hear your thoughts! I need to load up on some books for our long flights to/from Vegas. You're my go-to ;)

  6. Yesss, i've only seen one episode of that RH, but I'm like isn't it some kind of unwritten rule that if you have to keep mentioning etiquette or how wonderful you are, you probably aren't? lol. I use a Kiehl's eye cream (when I remember), but I've wanted to try a few of their other products so I'm interested in hearing your thoughts!

  7. Love this! I am obsessed with Real Housewives of Potomac.

  8. I'm so jealous of your Costa Rica trip. It is cold and snowy where I am, so I would love some beach and sunshine.

  9. Yay for an upcoming vacation! Looking forward to yours & Justin's pics on IG.

    I love Tiny Buddha.

  10. Thanks for linking up with us today! I had no idea there was a new set of housewives..I'm just getting caught up on Beverly Hills and New York..now I have another city to worry about!? This is stressful haha!

  11. Ahh Costa Rica, that sounds amazing, can't wait to see all the pictures on Instagram so I can pretend I am somewhere warm!

  12. i LOVE working from home. i stay in my PJs all day next to my coffee pot and get actual shit done since i don't have to deal with stupid work humans demanding things.

  13. I didn't even know there was a Real Housewives of the Potomac - ha! "Tiny acts of love" - that made my heart flutter. What a wonderful project!!

  14. I can't believe this will be your first beach vacation!! I cannot wait to stalk all your pictures! :) I snuck a few spring-y candles in early this week when it was up to 60 in Ohio. Now it's back to the marshmallow fireside and snowdays haha


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