December 30, 2015

2015 Favorites

The year is coming to an end and that always seems to be a good time to share some favorites. I won't get too deep today, I'm just going to share some of my favorite forms of entertainment this year as well as some of my favorite items that I've discovered (there are some referral links included.)

Movies, Television & Theater:

Star Wars wins all movies this year. We saw it last Monday and loved every minute. My husband is a giant Star Wars fan, so we watched zero trailers and skipped over any articles beforehand. We didn't even know that Adam Driver was in the movie. It was phenomenal. I think the series is the perfect amount of cheesy and entertaining, but there are a few duds that you have to sit through. The new characters are awesome and we will definitely see it again.  Honorable Mentions: Jurassic World and a bunch of movies we haven't seen yet, but I swear we will get to it this winter.

In TV this year, Netflix won. I loved Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Gracie & Frankie. We continued watching Scandal and Homeland. We also just watched the first episode of True Detective. I'm proud to say that we have been without cable for almost a year and that has definitely led to less television watching, but when we watch TV, we watch with purpose.

On the stage this year, we saw the best play we have ever seen and I'm not sure anything will top it. We saw Emma Stone & Alan Cumming in Cabaret. I can't say enough good things about the show. Everyone was extremely talented and the show was incredible. I think topping this one will be a challenge for us, but it's a challenge that we are up for.

Books & Music

As far as books are concerned, I had a good year. It's hard to pick my favorite, so I wrote down the first three that came to mind. All the Light We Cannot See was a book I grabbed in the airport and I couldn't get enough of it. I loved the way that Anthony Doerr told the story, he moved back and forth between characters so quickly and it kept me interested. I Am Malala is a book that everyone should read just to help get an understanding of who she is. I don't think that I can find a word that is fair to describe this incredible human and the struggles she's faced, but it doesn't matter - I don't have to, because you can read her story yourself. Last, but not least, is The Art of Racing in the Rain. If you love dogs, you should read this book. You should prepare yourself for a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but it's a must. I couldn't put it down.

Aside from those three, I read a lot of funny memoirs this year, a lot of JoJo Moyes (who I can't get enough of) and a few duds. I think I'm going to give this reading challenge a try this year to get outside the "usual." 

In the music world, I was all over the place this year. We added this little gem to our apartment this year and it changed the way we shop and listen to music. I know that seems silly, but there's something about putting on a record that makes both of us actually sit down and enjoy the music. 

We saw some great concerts this year including two of my bucket list performers - Counting Crows and Stevie Wonder. 

I love all kinds of music and this year was no exception. I listed the three that have been played the most on my spotify (or record player) from beginning to end, but don't think that I wasn't jamming out to Bieber or T. Swift throughout the year. Variety is the spice of life, people.

Material Things

I needed a place to randomly list out the other things I discovered this year that I love. 

My Instax Mini was a hit this year. We started a new routine of taking weekly family pictures and they are pretty hilarious. Not to mention, this has become a really fun party trick.

The hats pictured above are part of the Minnesota campaign to Keep the North Cold. You can read all about it on Wit & Delight and then go support Kate and all of our Minnesota friends by rocking one of these yourselves this winter. Justin and I each have one and we love them.

All things Icelandic have been big this year - but especially their yogurt. I'm a little pissed right now because Target and Acme both stocked Siggi's for about 5 minutes and now I can't find it anywhere again, but I'm on the hunt.

This shirt from The Daily Tay. So much money has been given to charity and I love supporting a good cause and having a comfy t-shirt.

Jamberry became something new for me this year - I'm still working on my technique, but I like the concept and the variety. I'll report more on this in the future.

The onesies we are wearing in the picture above... also featured on our Christmas card this year. They were a drunk Amazon purchase and once the weather finally gets cold, I think they will be worn daily.  You can find mine here and Justin's here.

Also, I'm not mad about man bun's and I don't care who knows it.

So that's what I have to share for today. I'll be back tomorrow sharing my 2015 resolution and whether or not I kept it.  Now, it's your turn...

What's your favorite book, movie, album or thing from 2015??? 


  1. The Art of Racing in the Rain was so good and made me cry so much so I can never go back and re-read it.

    So glad you loved Star Wars - that sums up my feelings on it perfectly.

  2. i am scared of reading the art of racing in the rain. i will, i just like to spread out the pet books because they always make me cry. all the light we cannot see has been on my list forever, so good to know it was good. we enjoyed star wars as well - KC is a pretty big fan but not disciplined enough to not watch trailers / read spoilers so he knew a couple things. i didn't know adam driver was in it either, i went in completely blind and that's how i like it! happy NYE!

  3. It’s been a great blogging year! Looking forward to reading more in 2016. Happy New Year Steph!

  4. This place is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and stunning. Even though a few halls are equally appealing and fascinating in their decor, food and aesthetics, I'm tempted to still give this event space Chicago a slight edge.


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