September 21, 2015

Things I Love About Autumn

Each time the seasons change, I see a whole bunch of social media messages saying that someone's FAVORITE season has arrived. I think I've been guilty of it a time or two. I've realized though that each season is amazing for different reasons. I made a summertime to-do list and I failed miserably, but I had a great summer.

Here is a list of the things I love about this season and things I want to check off my list:

Planning to climb Bear Mountain and celebrate the accomplishment with a visit to their Oktoberfest.

Leaves changing colors. I have a whole new appreciation of the changing of the leaves after our leaf peeping trip last fall. I want to get upstate or to the Berkshires for a weekend if possible in October. I'm sad we don't have a week long trip this fall again to spend exploring.

Less weekend plans which means more time to hang with our friends around here. Summer is busy for everyone and we barely get to see our friends here.

FOOTBALL. My fantasy team in one league got 134 points, so that's awesome. Also, our team is so engaged and hilarious this year. There are so many dubsmashes created each week and video recaps. Plus, the Vikings just beat the Lions and that makes me super happy. #teddyforpresident

Hocus Pocus, Addam's Family, Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. Those are my kind of Halloween movies.

Crockpot meals. It's harder when you don't eat meat to use this magical invention, but it's definitely possible. I'll share some of my favorite recipes one of these days. I just love getting things prepped in the morning and the apartment smelling amazing all day long. Please share if you have any favorites.

Sweater weather. The candle and the temperature itself. I love scarves and sweaters. I love windows open. No more air conditioning. Back to the candles, B&BW has amazing candles for this season. Can't stop.

Caramel everything. Screw pumpkin. This is the season for caramel in all things all the time. I do like a few pumpkin beers and pumpkin donuts and carving pumpkins, but I'm not a fan of pumpkin spice. I feel like just saying that is going to get me in trouble with the world.

Flannel, plaid and fall colors. I am in love with this purse and I want it in my closet. Pretty please?

Lastly, I love the fact that this season has two names. Autumn sounds prettier than fall, but there are two which makes this season something special.

What's your favorite thing about fall? What am I missing?


  1. YES! Hocus Pocus!!!! I'm so mad that they're making a sequel. Can they ever just leave the classics alone?!

  2. The fall colors are so pretty! And my crockpot has already been put to good use this season!

  3. Heck yeah to that fantasy football score!!! :) It's so fun to have other players to root for and become invested in! I rock with my crockpot year round but it goes into full-force this time of year for sure.

  4. What a fabulous list, lady! I enjoy fall colors, the jewel tones are so pretty.

    You should link this up with us on Wednesday!

  5. I love everything you mentioned! Can't wait to be able to wear sweaters and flannel all the time! :)

  6. Sweaters and plaid all of it yes. Plus as just a Minnesotan girl I love getting up to the North Shore/Duluth area when the leaves start changing! It's like a magical world.

  7. Somebody needs to put together a list of Halloween movies on Netflix or just Halloween movies out there!! It's my favorite holiday!!

  8. Love the Fall in New York. Best thing is the cooler air and crisp cold nights to sleep with the windows open.

  9. yes to crockpot season! i just made my first soup of the fall season - butternut squash. it's so yummy!

  10. This made me so happy! Fall is the very best!

  11. I have my sweater weather candle burning RIGHT now! ;) And seriously, bring on the crockpot. I'm so excited to bust mine out again! Happy fall!


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