May 22, 2015

Countdown to Memorial Day

It's Friday and we made it through the week and there's a long weekend ahead. This makes me so happy. Also, it's birthday weekend and there are a few different people in town. I have tons of drafts about Iceland and baseball and all kinds of other stuff, but I want to keep it easy today so we'll stick with a countdown.

5 Things Happening this Weekend:

1. I turn 30 years old on Sunday. I love birthday weekend.

2. My Mom is in town with her friend, Rachel, and her kids who are celebrating their birthday. This means I get to hang with my mom and do some fun kid stuff around NYC.

3. Celebrate Justin's birthday on Memorial Day, although I let him open his present already.

4. Drinks with our Florida friends who are visiting the city for the weekend.

5. Eat dessert daily for the next 4 days - I love birthday weekend.

4 Things I Want:

1. Another Minnesota t-shirt
2. Something bright & shiny to hang on the wall
3. A fun polaroid camera - plus it's under $100
4. These RayBan sunglasses

3 Pictures I took this week:

2 Things I Liked on the Internet:

16 truths for Pizza Lovers Everywhere - so true.

Also, this Jimmy Fallon clip - what a class act.

1 song I'm listening to:

Have a very happy weekend!


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  2. I love that dog pic and you look great in your NYC pic!

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday weekend to you and to Justin. ENJOY!

  3. Happy happy birthday!!!! Enjoy your weekend - sounds very nice.
    Thanks for sharing your photos and links.

  4. Freakin' love Hozier :) Gonna crank that up in my office now! Also -as always- your dogs are amazing. And YOU are amazing!!! Enjoy birthday celebrations!!!

  5. Happy birthday! Mine is the 29th so every couple years it falls on Memorial weekend, such a great time for a birthday:)

  6. Happy HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!!! Hope it was a great one for you!

  7. Hope you had a tremendous birthday! I pretty much love all things Hozier, so I seal that with my personal stamp of approval.


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