December 31, 2014

2014 Favorites - Part 2

I recapped a few of my favorite things from the last year in this post last week and now I'm back to finish the job.  Everyone is doing it.  Here are a few more personal favorites from the last year.


The Perception of Me - the time I wrote down the things I thought the people closest to me would say about me.  Clearly I'm a narcissist.

Be Inspired - a challenge for everyone and one of the most interesting mornings of my year.

That one time that I was Indiana Jones and it was awesome and terrifying.

Our thoughts on being Jersey kids for a whole year.


J Money comes in at number one.  He's the absolute greatest sidekick that ever was and we are pretty much a power couple.

Teddy Bridgewater - rookie of my year.

The entire NY Rangers hockey team.

Jimmy Fallon (Remember that time we touched?)

Grandma Elly - she has sent some of the best newspaper clippings and cards this year.


Now, I must say that these aren't the most high quality photos taken with the nicest cameras, but these are the photos that take me back to a very special memory from the last year and that is why they are my favorites.

If you haven't already done so, you can go check out some New Year's Resolution ideas that I posted about on Venus Trapped in Mars.

Tell me below - what is your New Year's Resolution?  I'm still working on mine and could use a little help.


  1. Looks like a pretty amazing 2014- here's hoping 2015 is even better!

  2. No resolutions here - I never kept them and forgot about them by February at the latest.

    I think the Brooklyn Bridge & shore pics are my favorite.

    Cheers friend! Happy New Year!

  3. My new years resolution is to do more Facetime with you and more trips to see you!!!! :)

  4. Happy New Year Steph! Here's wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2015!

    Let's Go Rangers!

  5. That Brooklyn Bridge photo is awesome.


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