November 5, 2014

You can't be good at everything

Nobody is perfect.  I'm not even sure that anyone could explain to me what a perfect human would be like.  Everyone is good at certain things and not so good at others.  Today, I'm sharing a few things that I'm not very good at.  It's good to own your strengths and own your weaknesses, right?

Saying no to donuts.  Why are there so many National Donut Days?

Walking in high heels.

Speaking French - even after 5 years of school.

Exercising.  I do it but sometimes it's quite pathetic how many excuses I make up.

Gardening.  I have a blue thumb (or really any color other than green.)  It's nice to live in an apartment where my biggest responsibility is checking on our succulents.

Watching people learn how to do something.  It is a real struggle to let them work through something new and not just take control.

Drawing - unless it's stick figures.  I'm really good at stick figures.

Training my dogs to behave.  They run my life and I love it.

Baking most things.  I have a few things I can make without a box of mix, but it's very limited.  I'm learning.

Opening gifts in front of people.  I always overthink my reactions.

Talking on the phone.

Pictures.  I tend to make the worst faces for pictures and never know how to stand.  So I post picture like this instead.

Breaking the rules.

Online shopping.  Just kidding, I'm really good at this one, but it's kind of a problem.

Styling my hair.  My hair is either "natural" looking (wavy) or it's in a top knot.

I'm sure I could continue this list for a while, but I'm going to refrain and go make a list of the things I'm good at.  Or maybe I'll just go and buy a donut.  Happy National Donut Day.


  1. I'm awful at styling my hair, too. And how many donut days are there? I could have sworn there was one a month or two ago!

  2. I'm bad at gardening too - why didn't I inherit the green thumb from my mom? I also have no control over my dog nor did I follow through with the training we paid an arm and a leg for. Ooops! Mmmmm now I want a donut!

  3. Drawing! Yes! ME TOO. One time, in 7th grade, we had to draw a scene from the book Dances With Wolves. I drew a stick wolf and my dbag teacher told me I had to redo my picture because that wasn't good enough. I'm sure whatever I came up with next just looked like a giant blob.

    And breaking rules. SO BAD AT THAT. #goodietwoshoes (that looks weird when you write it out)

  4. Did I write this list? It's all applicable to me except for the baking. I can do that but it's not my favorite. I can also grow flowers very well, veggies I haven't tried my hand at yet.

    Otherwise, my dogs run my life, I can't do my hair, I'm so bad at drawing that I avoid Pictionary, heels are not for me, I don't speak French at all, opening gifts in front of people freaks me out, and I am not now and have never been a rule breaker.

  5. if pulling your hair into a ponytail is called 'style', then i'm an expert!! :D

  6. You're adorable :) I cannot walk in high heels-- wedges are as risky as I get ;) I can't garden to save my life... I've killed every plant anyones ever gotten me except ONE loan guy we're keeping alive.

  7. I suck at styling my hair, walking in heels, keeping my house neat, gardening

  8. I always feel awkward opening gifts in front of people too. I'd rather no gifts!

  9. I am SO bad at opening gifts in front of people. I feel like I'm the most awkward gift-receiver ever.


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