August 1, 2014

Right Now - August Edition

August is here.  I've been in a rut lately, but I'm pulling myself out of it... it just might take a few days.  Let me catch you up with some of the basics.

Reading some great stuff this summer.  I finished up a few more books for the summer reading challenge and I'm currently reading 168 Hours which a book about time management.  It's incredibly eye opening and I can't wait to dive in further and make some changes myself.

Eating some new-to-me fruits and loving them.  I'm not sure why I had never indulged in apricots, plums or blackberries before but I am a fan.  My new favorite smoothie is blackberries, bananas, spinach & almond milk.  Do it.

Spreading the You Are Beautiful stickers all around the city.  I need more.  Go check out their website and get yourself some.  You never know when you'll be inspired to hand one out or stick one somewhere.

Watching the last 2 episodes of Orange is the New Black tonight.  I'm going to be on the hunt for a new Netflix show when we are done so I will take all suggestions.

Beginning to get that "overwhelmed" feeling with work and all the other things happening in my world.  I'm going to jump back into Headspace and do my 10 minutes of meditation each day.  Plus, I'm going to start my 30 day yoga challenge again - 4th time is a charm.

Missing Sunday strolls and quiet Saturday mornings.  I think those will be making a comeback this weekend.

Wishing for a really long vacation away from my phone.  A few months and it will be a reality.

Loving New York City in the summertime.  We went to the Dawes & Connor Oberst concert in Central Park Tuesday and it was one of those beautiful summer evenings with a colorful sky, good music and a laid-back feeling (which seems hard to come across now.)

Drinking all the Strawberry Abita I can while it's still in the stores.  I've been seeing pumpkin already which means fall is coming.

Confused by Sharknado.  I DVR'd both movies last night and I might actually try to watch them.  I think they're funny, right?

Listening to this cover of one of my favorite Whitney Houston songs.  How is his voice a real thing?

Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites and the birthday princess Miss Yoga Pants.  Happy Friday!


  1. The kindness you have in your heart amazes me. You are SO sweet!

    Also, I just finished Parenthood, so now I need a new show to watch.....let's start a 30 day TV challenge ;)

    And Sam Smith. I've heard so much about him and I love that Whitney song, so now I'm going to put in my headphones and take a listen.

    Happy Friday!!!

  2. i have sharknado 2 recorded and it'll be watched tonight. just take everything with a grain of salt and know that it's so awful which makes it so good.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I've never liked any berry fruits, but I think adding them in smoothies help mask the texture for me. I can only imagine the sheer ridiculousness in Sharknado.

  4. I think Sharknado is hilarious.

    I love berries and pretty much all of the stone fruits (but hard, not soft...twss). Plums are awesome.

    I'm waiting for my You're Beautiful stickers!

  5. Let me know how Sharknado is. Love the stickers!

  6. Looooooove that Whitney cover!

    I have t seen either of the Sharknado movies, either. The morning show I listen to on the radio was playing clips yesterday, and it did sound pretty friggen hilarious. May have to partake.

    Happy Weekend Steph! Hope you get a little R&R

  7. mmmm blackberries, yum! i couldn't tell you about sharknado, i haven't seen it but it doesnt seem like my thing anyway!

  8. Love this, and DEFINITELY going to have to check into those you are beautiful stickers. That made me smile :) Blackberries = delish, and this post + your blog = awesome. <3


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