June 20, 2014

Daydrinking, Dancing and Summertime

Starting today, I'm turning this shitty, sick, cranky mood around.  My fever has gone away and I feel like I finally have energy this morning.  I finished one big work project last night and will be wrapping up some other loose ends today.  I'm focusing on the positive.  That's something I'm usually really good at, but not the last couple weeks.  I'm jumping on the #100happydays bus - so you should follow me on Instagram @stephgregerson.  I miss my daily gratitude posts, so I'm going to try this out for the summer.

Tomorrow is the very first day of summer (according to the calendar) and I'm going to be celebrating by watching the Mermaid Parade on Coney Island.  I see frozen drinks, lots of crazy costumes and tons of sunscreen in my weekend forecast.

To kick off this happy streak I'm about to start, I'm going to link up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.

Favorite Photo:

That was taken the last time we were at Coney Island a few weeks ago.  I love that guy.

Favorite Links:

This list of America's Best Beach Towns - how do I get myself to at least a few of those this summer?

21 Things you have to explain to out-of-towners but I would add the pronunciation of Houston Street.   Some day I'll write a list of the things we tell our visitors over and over again.

I was surprised by a few of these TV characters you didn't know were married.  I did know about Ron Swanson though.

And then my favorite of the week is 2 100 year old BFF's talking about today's popular culture.  Go see it on my Facebook page by clicking here.

Favorite Song:

Favorite Things:

The Nashville trip we are planning for the end of July.

The things planned for this first weekend of summer.

The wines I got in my Wine Awesomeness Box this month.  Click here for 30% off (plus they have an awesome referral program.)

Favorite Video:

I watched this yesterday and laughed so hard.  

Which kind of dancer are you?  I'm sure you fit into one of those categories.  I either have a bottle in hand or I'm awkward... or let's face it, sometimes a little clumsy.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. The title of this post just makes me want to walk out of work right now and start my weekend!!

    Love that song too :)

  2. A mermaid parade sounds like something I need to see! Hooray for the first official day of summer & for feeling better!

  3. haha i love the title of this post! and that dancing one- awesome. that pic pf yall is too cute.

  4. Nashville is one of my favorite cities! Sounds like you've got a great summer ahead of you.

  5. Favorite things--- dinner with me next week!?!! :) I'm glad your fever went away- hope you keep feeling better, friend!

  6. You can get a few of those beaches from your current location! Ogunquit and Chincoteague are on my list.

    I'm glad your fever went away, and I love that pic of you guys.

    Instagram the Mermaid Parade please!

  7. I checked out the tv characters list. First couple pages, I barely knew anyone, but then the last page with most of the How I Met Your Mother cast was quite amusing! I didn't realize they worked everyone's real spouses into the show at some point.

    Glad you're feeling better!

  8. I was thinking about going to the mermaid parade but it's such a hike for me. Have a great time!

  9. Hello summer and Im ready for 5:00 seriously!

  10. I love beach towns! Happy to say that I have been to three on the list!

  11. That picture is really cute of y'all! YAY for a Nashville trip, you'll be close to my neck of the woods.

  12. I'm going to Nashville in August! One of my favorite places to visit!!!!

  13. LOL LOL that video wins the internet today. I'm quite certain I've been every single one of those at one point in time. I'd say I'm mostly the bottle dancer leading up to the drunk bottle dancer. Love it!
    I adore the first picture of you and Justin.
    Day 6 of my sugar detox, and I WANT A FRUITY PEBBLES donut! Sad face :-(

  14. omg the dancing video! i saw that a while back and i laughed my ass off. i'm the "fuck off and leave me alone" dancer.

    Vodka and Soda

  15. bahahahahahaha love that dancing video! I say I'm like one step above white girl dancing Taylor Swift. Day drinking is my jam ;-)

  16. Loving that picture of you two! I've been to Duck, but some of those beach towns are looking so good right now!


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