April 18, 2014

Thank You Notes Vol. 3

Back again for another round of Thank You notes this lovely Friday.

Thank you Spring for being that bitch that we always knew you were.  Cold, hot, warm, rain, cold, snow, wind.  I'm well aware this will continue for a while, so I'm just embracing the few weeks of the year that I have all seasons of clothes all over my closet.

Thank you Rangers for winning last night and fueling my desire to get tickets to Sunday's game.  I mean, we have no family to spend Easter with this year out here, so we might as well spend it with all our hockey friends at Madison Square Garden.

Thank you Iceland for continuing to have pictures featured on EarthPix.  I will see you before the end of the year.

Thank you Stitch Fix for being spot on the last 2 months and sending me my new favorite shirts.  I swear I'll put a post together on the stuff I've gotten since there have been some questions about it in the past, plus you'll get to see the most awkward pictures ever taken.

Thank you wedding season for getting me home a few times this summer and putting so many of my favorite people in one building at one time.  Makes life so much easier.

Thank you Taco Tuesday for being part of my week.  Now if only I could find someplace that delivers Margaritas.

Thank you Friday for giving me a new playlist for a few runs I have to get in this weekend.  The song I'm sharing today isn't super upbeat, but I've been loving it lately, so enjoy it.

Thank you hockey, sunglasses, easter candy and mimosas in advance for sponsoring this weekend.

Hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend.  (Previous thank you notes - vol 1vol 2)

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  1. You absolutely should go to the game on Sunday. There really is no sporting event better to see in person than playoff hockey!!

    And...you're going to Iceland this year?! That might be the coolest trip ever.

  2. I feel like your posts always sum up exactly how I'm feeling about the weather! Gorgeous photo of Iceland! When I was younger I used to send away for all kinds of things in the mail and I remember getting a big packet on visiting Iceland-- so random! Hope you guys enjoy your Easter weekend!

  3. Are you really going to Iceland?!?! I want to go so bad and my husband thinks I am crazy.

  4. Why don't I do taco Tuesday?

    Definitely get tickets for Sunday. Playoff hockey rules.

    That Iceland pic is AMAZING. You're going?

  5. Rangers!??! RANGERS!??!?! Ugh, my heart.

    Steve and I are trying to score tix for Tuesday's game. I don't care that it's Wallet Watch April, Flyers playoff hockey trumps wallet watch.

  6. I'm afraid if I call Spring a bitch, she will bring more rain and cold like she did this past week. Good riddance to Old Man Winter though, he was such a crotchety grouch, wasn't he?

  7. Wedding season and I are fighting right now. Well, wedding season and my WALLET are fighting right now.

  8. Hope you all have a fabulous Easter too my friend!!!

  9. Oh no - I hope you did not waste money on Sunday's Ranger game! That was a disaster.

    Saw plenty of pissed off fans on the train that afternoon as I headed out to LI for family Easter dinner.

  10. Ugh, how I wish I could splurge on Stitch Fix, lol!! Margarita delivery is something I wish for on a weekly basis ;)


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