April 1, 2014

Right Now - April Edition

Here we are for another edition of what I'm doing right now.  If you want a play by play of my day today, go check out the Blog Baton on Instagram (@theblogbaton) and if you want to play too, go check out the details by reading this post.

Reading Gillian Flynn books.  She definitely impressed me with Dark Places, so I've added Sharp Objects to my list.  I also discovered that Amazon Prime allows me to borrow books for FREE (well, not really because I paid for my membership.)  Any recommendations?

Eating so much this past weekend and it was incredible.  My best friend from college was in town and we spent the entire day yesterday walking, eating and shopping our way through some of my favorite parts of New York City.  I tried Arepas, Oysters and Polenta fries for my first time.  I was impressed by all 3.  Now that her vacation has ended, I'm back to eating my fruits & vegetables like a good girl.

Watching Bravo.  Million Dollar Listing New York is back on this week and that is one of my favorites.  Plus there are 3 different real housewives cities on right now.  My DVR is full and happy.

Missing our friends and family.  It is so nice to have visitors but it almost makes you miss people even more.  We also missed my nephew's dedication this past weekend and it's always a huge bummer to miss family events.

Anticipating craziness in the month ahead for work.  We have a weekend trip planned for early May and I think it's going to be NEEDED after the things going on this month at work.

Wishing for warm weather to come and stay.  Also, I'm wishing for millions of dollars so I could travel the world.

Drinking coffee.  It feels weird writing my blog post over lunch.  Usually I write at night with a glass of wine.

Laughing at these April Fool's pranks and I'm also grateful that there isn't anyone here to mess with me today.

Loving all the wonderful things I got in the mail yesterday.  I received my first IWYP shirt and I will for sure take pictures and post them.  I got Frozen and Catching Fire which will be watched this week for sure.  And my new glasses are arriving tomorrow.  Full mailboxes are better than 90% of things in the world.

Listening to the usual - The Avett Brothers, Head and the Heart, Dawes, Fitz and the Tantrums.  I've been pretty boring with my music lately.  With summer coming, I'm ready to check out some new bands and see some good shows.  I'll have something better to share next month.

Hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday.  I'll be working and dreaming about food the rest of the day.


  1. Nothing wrong with your current listening too! The Avett Brothers Pandora station is definitely my go to.

  2. I, too, enjoy full mailboxes. My unicorn should be arriving today!

  3. Now I want coffee.

    I'm anticipating full mail soon...I made some purchases yesterday before my Wallet Watch started.

  4. How can you borrow books for free with Amazon Prime?? How do I not know this?

  5. ahh the kindle library is seriously one of the biggest perks to having a kindle as opposed to an ipad! I wish they let you borrow on the kindle app :( I love Million Dollar Listing too! There's something so entertaining about it between the drama and the gorgeous apartments/condos. What is the bottom left food picture? It looks sooo good!

  6. I love those movies! And ummm...I definitely want to come visit for all of that amazing food up there now. haha

  7. yes to coffee. after almost 3 months of not drinking it, one cup put me over the edge and i'm back on it. still, no donut though.

    Vodka and Soda

  8. I can't wait to see Frozen! I may have to buy myself a present on Payday.....

  9. Amazon Prime is amazing- love it!! And I still need to see Frozen!

  10. I've only read Gone Girl but I've heard amazing things about Gillian Flynn's other books and they're definitely on my to-read list!
    Full mailboxes ARE the shit. Unless they're full of bills. Then they're just shit.

  11. Ooohhh Sharp Objects is a good one. I actually liked that a lot more then Dark Places.

    It is a sad day when there is nothing fun in the mailbox or when the packages are not for me. Coming home to a package on the porch that is for John is just a cruel cruel thing.

  12. Whoaaa...whoa, whoa, whoa! The Avett Brothers? Did we just become best friends? They are all I've been listening to lately. I saw them in Brooklyn last month, and I have tickets to see them two more times this summer. I love them. Let's discuss.

    I've watched Catching Fire twice, and cried like a baby both times.

  13. Love the Avett Bros and RHONY!! They are some of my fav ladies too - all the crazy Ramona & Sonja shenanigans!


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