March 12, 2014

I Just Don't Get It - Reality TV Edition

A few months ago, I did a post about things I just don't understand.  My list is back again because there are so many moments where I shake my head and just don't get it, but I think that happens mostly while watching reality television (which clearly I do too much.)
Anything and everything about Juan Pablo and why he was cast as the Bachelor.  It's okay.  NO, it's not okay.  He was a weiner.

Why are the words Fairy Tale thrown around so much during these dating shows?  Do these people realize that there are a dozen other people kissing and rubbing up on their fairy tale love?  Didn't they see the same Disney movies I did?

There are too many children featured on reality shows and I can't imagine that they are going to be excited about it when they are older... like Dance Mom's?  Unless the child is Milania, you should probably let them have a normal childhood.

The damn songs from real housewives are so catchy.  Why does my brain work that way?  I really don't want to be singing Money can't buy you Class as I'm walking through the lobby of my apartment.  Do they think they are good singers or do they pretend so they can make some quick iTunes cash?

Why hasn't there been a Survivor: D List Celebrity?  Put those 80's TV stars, retired athletes, Snooki and Donald Trump on an island instead of a fancy hotel and let the fun begin.

Why isn't there an Emmy for Editing these reality shows?  The commercials really suck me in and then it never turns out to be quite as dramatic as I thought.

I have spent time in my life watching the Kardashians.  Why is this a thing?  Damn you, Ryan Seacrest.

Why haven't they added a Real Housewives of Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago or anywhere else?  I love them all.  Bring it on.

Maybe they could do a Survivor or Amazing Race with just the Housewives?  I think I would have Carole, Heather and Jeff Lewis (just pretend he's a housewife.)

The live reunion shows.  Why can't I be in the live audience?  I would totally watch the crazy happen for 8 hours, especially if I could drink some wine.

Andy Cohen is the best.  I get that, don't worry.  I know I'm not the only one that watches far too much Bravo.

What confuses you about reality TV?  Which housewife do you think would win Amazing Race or Survivor?


  1. Goodness, it's like I wrote this post myself.

    You're right - Milania totally loves being on tv and she will NEVER regret it.

    And the previews? UGH. I get so angry when I think something is about to happen and then something totally different (and much less dramatic ends up happening). #rude

    I tried watching this reality show on TNT called Private Lives of Nashville Wives and all I kept thinking was "why isn't there a Real Housewives of Nashville because this show is terrible and Andy Cohen would know to make it work". Lord knows I'd watch Dallas, Vegas & Chicago if they came on too. Gosh I love me a housewife.

    And therefore, if there's a way to get into the live audience for a reunion show, COUNT ME IN.

  2. Ughhhh. I never understood why they chose Jaun Pablo. I didn't even watch one episode this season. He sucks. The bachelor would DEFINITELY win that Emmy though.

  3. Haha! I love this! Though The Bachelor is one reality tv show I just couldn't get into, I really do love a good does of reality tv. It's nice to sort of turn of my brain and watch all the 'crazy happen.' And I think your Survivor Celebrity idea would be a hit!!! I'd watch that!

  4. You know I share your love for Andy and all things Bravo!!! I really don't do the Bachelor or Kardashians at all....they annoy me.

  5. Can we talk about how Survivor needs a celebrity edition. Brilliant idea, for reals.

  6. UGH this was the first year I've ever watched The Bachelor, and of course Juan Pab was a L 7 Weenie! But I'm definitely watching The Bachelorette - Team Andi!!

  7. Each season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette just keeps getting worse and worse….but I still keep watching, why?!

  8. the only reality tv i can stand is amazing race. everything else is so whiny and annoying!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  9. They need to have a Real Housewives of South Jersey... I would get down and watch that. The rest, is garbage. Except Honey Boo Boo.

  10. I just really wish Scott Disick would get his own spin off and leave those ugly criers behind. He's THE STAR of the Kardashians, in my eyes.

  11. Andy Cohen is hilarious. I don't watch most of the shows anymore but I do follow them in mags.

    I too have spent time with the Kardashians. WTF.

    What about the new one with the rich kids? Have you watched that? My BFF says I must.

  12. A Survivor with the Housewives? I think you should pitch that to a network.

  13. Seriously... how do we get in the audience for reunion shows?!?!

  14. UM yes to the editing thing! You always do get sucked in and then whatever it is turns out to be so stupid! I just saw there was a Housewives awards??! I'm not that's sure to be a hot mess! haha

  15. I don't really watch much reality TV at all (except for Giuliana and Bill - that I will watch all day), but I've watched a few clips of JP, and I don't get it. Serious doucheface.

  16. Oh girl. So much of this rings true for me. Milania is an all-star.

    Real Housewives of every where would be awesome. (I hate Miami though.)

    Juan Pablo is just no. I couldn't stand to hear him talk. I'm not even a Bachelor fan. At all.

    I want to be Andy. That's all there is to it. I could be an awesome Andy. But if not, I'll totally sit with you in the stands while they shoot.


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