January 7, 2014

Baby, It's Really Effing Cold Outside

Insert another weather related complaint here.  Just kidding, not today for me.  It was 56 degrees when I walked the pups this morning.  Tomorrow though, I'm headed back to Minnesota for a big meeting in Minneapolis.  They have cancelled school statewide 2 days in a row now because of the cold.  We are talking temps of negative 30 without factoring in the wind chill.  I'm just trying to figure out how to get from the airport terminal to my office without being outside.

It's too cold to ski, snowboard, snowshoe or even walk to your car - people are getting some serious cabin fever.  Family time is great, but everybody needs a little escape.  I figured it was a good time to share some of my favorite winter activities when the wind chill really is that cold:

  • Find a sauna or hot tub and stay in it as long as physically possible and then jump out and see who can last the longest.  Wait, maybe don't do this in Minnesota this week.  I don't need anyone going to the hospital.
  • Turn up your thermostat to 85 degrees and have a luau.  I doubt you'll have anybody there because no one wants to go outside to get to your party, but that shouldn't stop you from putting on a grass skirt and drinking a super fruity drink with whatever random liquor you can find in your cabinet - who wants to go to the store.
  • Science experiments.  Throw a pitcher of water out your door and watch what happens.  Please make sure there's no one there first.
  • Make one of Steph's soup recipes - 5 options here.  If you don't have the ingredients, see the next option.
  • Order delivery from your favorite restaurants and then tip the delivery guys 50% and give them hot chocolate and hand warmers - consider it your random act of kindness for the day, plus you get a free meal.
  • Once you've figured out food/drink, watch Summer Rental, Couple's Retreat or some other hot vacation movie.  Or, if you live in our house, watch Grumpy Old Men because it's a winter movie and it's funny.
  • Plug in your Christmas lights again, eat cookies and watch Home Alone.  Who cares if it's January?  I'm not telling you to take out the tree again (plus, I know some of you have yours up still.)
  • Feeling active?  Play knee hockey in your apartment hallways.  I hope you have beer for your neighbors because they might not love this game otherwise.  It might actually be better to only do this if you live in a dorm… and if you're one of those people… I'm jealous.
  • And last but not least, this list isn't complete without one of my favorite activities.  Go and clean out your DVR, binge watch everything on Netflix (if you really need recommendations, comment below), drink all the wine in your apartment and snuggle your dogs.  Who doesn't love all of that?  (the picture below is the birthday boy on his 9th bday last Friday - he's a pro snuggler)

If you're my husband, you make smart ass remarks on Facebook and then post this idea - Sub-Zero Surfing.  Hope you're all staying safe and warm.  What's your favorite polar freeze activity?


  1. I did not want to get out of bed this morning because my dog Tilly was so warm and snuggling. She just stared at me from under the covers when I was getting ready. And I love grumpy old men and grumpier old men. haha

  2. Soooo, I probably should stop complaining about how "cold" it is in Florida, then? 36 degrees, which is like FREEZING for us! BUt I'll take that over negative temps! Stay warm. :)

  3. I have this weather app on my phone that puts the temp in the top left of the home screen, and right now it says "1" How sad. It looks so lonely without another number next to it. I'm 90 miles south of you, I bet it's negative where you are! Yipes! Stay warm! Hope you have a safe trip and don't have to brace the elements toooooo much in MN!

  4. this holiday has been brutal and i barely left the house unless absolutely necessary. that said, to pass the time, i binge-watched a lot of tv and crocheted or worked out.

    Vodka and Soda

  5. My personal favorite has to be the binge on Netflix. Who cares about cold weather when you can watch seasons upon seasons without having to go buy them?

  6. Buggins has gotten more snuggles in the past 72 hours than I think she has in her entire life - and she's been one helluva snuggled dog for six years, so that's saying something! Poor thing's nose was SO damn cold when she came in from bathroom-ing this morning and she decided my neck was an acceptable place to warm it up... I'll allow it, but only because she wagged her nub the whole time.

    Annnnnyway, stay warm!! My family in Minneapolis is all "it's damn cold but we're used to it" and I just kinda want to hug them and tell them they're delusional. Hope you hit up the Tarjay dollar section for hand-warmers!

  7. "give them hot chocolate and hand warmers" Seriously... you're so cute! I love it! :D
    I will be keeping warm in our -40 wind-chill by snuggling my pup under my mom's handmade afghan. Heaven. :)

  8. Cute Ideas! I reckon I need to appreciate the 70 degree weather here more often!

  9. I can't even deal with how cold it is in Ohio right now. I just have to hold on until the weekend I guess when it will warm up. Coldest temps in 20 years. I HATE IT. lol. I like these activities though. I've been binge watching Star Trek in the evenings with Boomer.

  10. Thanks for the soup shoutout!

    I swear I nearly cried this morning on the way to work...15 minutes waiting at my train station to finally hear the trains were suspended. Back to the car, drive to another line. Walk half mile to the train station (that's where I almost started crying), stand outside for 35 minutes until a train finally comes, then stand for the 50 minute slow going ride into town. Torture! All because it was 3 degrees when I left the house this morning.

  11. all i want to do when it is really cold is eat...it needs to warm up!!

  12. "Turn up your thermostat to 85 degrees and have a luau. "

    LOLOLOL that made me literally laugh out loud. I have snow falling in front of me right now, so I think a luau is definitely in order today ;)

  13. And I thought we had it cold here in NYC! That cold out there was just ridiculous!


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