December 19, 2013

The Quiet Little Things (Insta-Gratitude Week 50)

Twas the week before Christmas and that's all I got… at least for any sort of poems.  I'm a day late on my gratitude post this week, but I couldn't miss out on the 2013 recap yesterday.  So many quiet moments in the last week while we are preparing for our very first visitors.  Well, except for the picture from the first night.

We had work people in town last week and one of them had never been to New York City.  We went into the city and had dinner and then we walked to see the tree.  I had seen it during the day, but I had never seen it all lit up in all it's glory.  I felt like a kid again.  It was magical and I'll be back with my parents in a few days.

We got cheesecake again and we took it home to enjoy it the next evening.  The longer I'm here, the most I like dessert.  Good thing I walk an average of 3 miles each time I have dessert.

I love when these two cuddle together.  They completely take over this couch each day during work hours and it's entertaining to see how many different sleeping/napping positions they use throughout the day.

A nice little Saturday evening during an ice/snow storm.  A little bit of Lush, some Lasagna and The Santa Clause.  It was a wonderfully quiet day.

We got this picture from Holly on Sunday and it made me miss these girls soooo much.  It will be so weird celebrating Christmas with no nieces throwing wrapping paper at my face.  We went and got French Toast and then FaceTimed with some friends back home and I was feeling less sad.

Things hung on the bathroom wall made me happy on Monday.  This apartment is almost totally moved into.  By this weekend, we will be 100% and that feels GOOD.

And last, but definitely not least, we received this package of Christmas goodies and it made my day.  Nothing says Christmas like a Nutcracker, Caramellos (KING SIZE) and Vodka.  We seriously have the best friends in the world and we miss them so much.

Less than 48 hours until my parents are here.  Yippee!!!  We are going to see the tree again, head to Bryant Park for the Christmas Market, hopefully see a show and eat so much good food.  As weird as it feels to be away from Minnesota for the holidays, I am so excited that my mom & dad are coming to hang out here.

What are you grateful for this week?  Big holiday plans?


  1. I literally couldn't stop staring at your Christmas lights picture. I was so mesmerized by it!

  2. I got one of my most favorite pendants at a Christmas stall in Bryant Park.

    Love the pics, very excited to see what you get up to with your visitors!

  3. Snuggling pups... so cute. :) I WANT YOUR SATURDAY NIGHT!

  4. i love storms where you just stay in, cuddle and stay warm. best.

    also, dogs have the best life. cuddle and naps all the live long day? yes please!!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Gaaaah! Caramellos!!!!,

    Lol, isn't that the first thing I ever commented on your blog about?

  6. Junior Cheesecake, Caramellos and Vodka! Now that sounds like a great way to celebrate in NYC!


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