December 5, 2013

Signs of Christmas (Insta-Gratitude Week 48)

I took yesterday off work and off blogging.  We went and saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.  We got a great deal on tickets through Living Social.  I LOVED about 2/3 of the show.  I don't really know how to describe the other third of the show.  It was OK.  I would recommend the show to anyone to go one time.  The Rockettes did some pretty awesome dance numbers.  It was a really fun way to begin the holiday season.

In other Christmas related news, the holiday showed up a lot in my gratitude the past week.

Our tree is up, the beer sweaters are out (they are from Target), the city is decorated, Nutcrackers are everywhere and Santa made his annual appearance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Even though, the weather here is oddly warm, Christmas has arrived and I love it.

The rest of my week involved a nice lazy Thanksgiving holiday, an adventure to Connecticut and a few beautiful pastel skies.  I really can't get enough of the beautiful view.  It is so foggy today, you can even see anything across the river.  It feels like we live on the shores of an ocean or Lake Superior.  I will say that fog is better than the snow storm that is hitting our homeland this week.  My entire Facebook feed is filled with people bitching about the snow and people bitching about the people bitching about the snow.  Gotta love it.

Last, but not least, I have to tell you that I am grateful for Steph from Life According to Steph.  She is hosting the best giveaway I've ever seen and doing something a little bit different.  Go read about it and enter here.  And if you don't already read her blog, you should start now.  I'm excited to collaborate with her soon and I'm beyond excited that she is on my sidebar.  I promise, you will just love her.


  1. I bet all the Christmas stuff in NYC right now is just so fun to experience! I'd love to go at Christmas time!

  2. NYC is amazing during the holidays!! i love that city.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I've been to NYC in the city and there is nothing quite like it! I feel you on facebook being people bitching about the weather and people bitching about people bitching. Which is exactly why I like Instagram I just want to look at pretty pictures all day!

  4. I bet Christmas in NYC is one of the best things to experience! I'm putting the Christmas spectacular on my bucket list! Glad to know it was a good show!

  5. Gahhhhh! I'm so jealous! First you saw the parade and now THIS?! Not. Fair. Would you like to adopt me??

  6. NYC is amazing at Christmas.

    I was front row for the Rockettes a few years ago. They are even crazier up close.

  7. Ahhh, LOVE Christmas in NYC! There isnt anything quite like it! I'm so glad you are taking it allll in!


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