September 6, 2013

Right Now - September Edition

Home from another fantastic anniversary vacation.  This was my favorite yet.  I'll recap some of our favorites on this trip, but I need some time to get situated now that I'm home.  Here is my new favorite place and a few things that I'm currently doing/watching/reading... etc.

Reading:  I have recently slowed down on my reading the last 2 months.  I'm finally getting into the books I talked about in my August post.  Oops.  Also, Cotton and Boots is a blog I've been loving lately... southern Football and wedding planning = easy reading.  Gwen Coco on the other hand is a long time favorite and I'm a tad bit jealous of her right now... her new work adventure is starting and Justin Morneau has moved from my favorite baseball team to her favorite.

Eating:  Fish tacos.  I ate them at least 4 times on vacation.  The next couple weeks will involve some actual meal planning since we are cleaning out our kitchen, so that could be interesting.  With football season upon us, the vegetarian chili will be making a come back.  It's the only recipe that I've mastered, so I'll share sometime in the next month.

Watching:  Everything Bravo... weird, I know.  Football.  Pretty soon, I'll be watching all the new shows starting for the fall.  I can't even believe that the summer is over.  Also, I have a few new movies to watch thanks to my favorite movie review website - Snarky Movie Reviews.

Missing:  vacation... already.  I'm so happy to be home with the dogs because I've missed them HUGELY.  I also miss my brother and Jen.  We didn't get to see them when they were home last.

Anticipating:  Some big life changes over the next few weeks.  I'm excited to share with all of you, but it's not quite time yet.  No babies... just because I'm sure some people would automatically assume that, but some other big changes that we are extremely excited about.

Wishing for:  Lots of fun time with family & friends over the next few weeks.  We have a few get togethers, tickets to see Wicked, family birthdays, weddings and showers.  I can't wait to catch up with some old friends next week at a wedding shower.

Drinking:  New beer and wine.  That is what happens on vacation.  WATERMELON BEER.  Seriously, I can't get enough.  They make it in San Francisco and I probably won't be able to find it here, but I will track it down.

Laughing at:  this Buzzfeed article... after being laughed at for my MN accent all week - this seemed necessary.

Loving:  the new places I've discovered the last week, the new friends we've made and had so much fun with, the new foods and drinks we've tried and the new adventures that we're going to take in the next few years.  My husband is the best and we always have so much fun on vacation and at home.  This was a week to remember and I'm so happy and in love.

Beginning:  fall, football, beautiful leaves changing colors, colder weather... I love the fall.

Listening to:  My August playlist.  I hope you are on Spotify by now... it's necessary.


  1. Loving the playlist!! And I think I need fish tacos for dinner now!

  2. I love fish tacos, awesome vacations, exciting new things, Gwen Coco, and that you are so happy.

    Welcome back! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  3. Wow! That first picture is GORGEOUS!! And I agree with Helene, now I want those yummy fish tacos for dinner!

    Can't wait to read about the big news...I hate being in suspense! :)

    Have a great weekend...welcome back!

  4. Can't wait to hear about your trip!
    Have a wonderful weekend

  5. Hell or High Watermelon is the bees knees. If you are into pumpkin ale as the weather gets cooler, may I suggest Southern Tier Pumpking Ale. YUM YUM

    I can't stop looking at that picture of the fish tacos. YUM YUM!

    Hoooray for life changes and Gwen Coco!

  6. Yum, fish tacos and watermelon beer! I had some watermelon beer in New Orleans last year, but it was definitely local. I have had the Hell or High Watermelon here in Columbus (in cans).

    Glad you had a great trip! Thanks for the shout out - I couldn't believe Pittsburgh got Morneau (sorry for you, happy for me).

  7. I HAD WATERMELONE BEER TOO! Sorry, got a little excited there. Not Hell or High Watermelon, but one from a local brewery from our Labor Day trip last weekend. It was fantastic.

    I'm just not ready for the fall beers yet and am holding on to summer beers for just a little longer.

  8. Safe and sound is the best hit of this year - I bet that!

  9. so my friend introduced me to APRICOT BEER and at first, i was all "bleh!" when i heard about it but then when i tried it, i grabbed it from him and drank the whole thing LOL. i also heard mango beer is really good too!

    thanks for the bloglovin' follow :) i don't use bloglovin' but i've added you to my feedly too.

    Vodka and Soda


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