August 16, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Another long week is finally coming to a close.  So many exciting things are happening in the next few weeks. Here are my random Friday ramblings.

#1 - It is my mom's birthday this weekend.  I get to have birthday breakfast with her and my grandma on Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it.  There will be mimosas, potato pancakes, eggs and other yummy brunch food.  I love Sundays that start with family breakfast.

#2 - Work has been NUTS lately.  So many projects to work on and so many changes happening.  That being said, I finally took the time to totally clean my desk this week.  It only took about 30 minutes to file things and clean with my favorite Method Grapefruit All-Purpose Cleaner, but I feel like a new person.  My lamp is finally plugged in and the frames have all been dusted.  There are still a few piles I need to work through, but it's way less intimidating.  Plus, I brought out the singing palm tree again.  I need something cheesy.  Vacation is approaching and I'm so freaking excited to have a week away.

#3 - The painting will be complete in our bedroom this weekend and I'll be able to move my things back in there and do a deep clean.  I also get to pick out brand new sheets.  That is one of the best feelings.  I love my bed so much, so I feel like new sheets will take it to a whole new level.  Project Declutter will continue on the main floor this week.

#4 - We are back to my favorite time of year... well, one of them.  I think it's clear that I truly enjoy living in Minnesota, so last summer, I decided to have a full week where I did as many of my favorite Minnesota things as possible.  I did a few posts on my "holiday" (days 1 & 2days 3 - 7recap). Since I enjoyed myself so much, I'm going to bring it back this week and have the grand finale of the MN State Fair next weekend.

It will be a great week listening to local music, drinking local beer, supporting local businesses and doing some of my favorite hometown things.  It will be the perfect thing to keep me busy until vacation arrives.  Nothing better than a staycation before a vacation.

#5 - Last, but not least.  It is time to BACKTHATAZZUP with the queen of the unicorns, Miss Whitney.  I have been obsessing over this song all over twitter lately, but here you go.  My current favorite song.  You're welcome.


  1. Aww wish your mama a happy birthday for me!

  2. happy b-day to your mom! my work has been cray too. when will it stop?!

  3. I love that saying about sleep! Fits me perfectly and is hilarious!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom! I'm loving that song, too.

  5. Happy birthday Steph's mom! Breakfast on Sundays tastes better than any other day. It's a fact.

    I love the Method mint and cucumber cleaners, but I haven't smelled the grapefruit.

    I am so jealous of your CA vacation :( Emily from Sassy in Sequins has been Instagramming her trip there all week and I kind of hate her.

  6. wow, your desk is so clean and organized. mine looks like a bomb went off :(

    happy friday!!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I'm been obsessing about that song too. SO good!

    This is such a fun time in MN with so much going on. Have a great weekend!

  8. Happy Bday to your mama! Love that bed quote - too funny!

  9. I love starting a day with family brunch! Aaaaand, I love mimosas;) Hurray for holidays- enjoy!

  10. Love that last pic! Hope your Mom had a great birthday.

    New sheets are freaking amazing.


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