June 13, 2013

Notes from the Pups

Dear Internet people or whatever "friends" our mom has out there,

We are Lola & Quincy.  You met us once in this post.  We heard there were new puppy parents and people that are thinking about taking the plunge.  Are you looking to get a dog/puppy soon?  Do you look at us in the little window and your heart just melts?  Obviously, because we are clearly better than anything else you would find in a pet store.  We want to make sure you know what to expect.

Once we cross through the front door of your home, we take over.  The first few months are exploration to make sure we understand each nook & cranny.  Once we get through that phase, we get comfortable... like real comfortable.

We know when you buy the cheap stuff.  This applies to food, treats and toys.  We will retaliate.

We are experts at hiding things.  There is the boring bone in the yard bit, but there are also movies, socks and DVD's.

Remember that retaliation threat above, leave us for too long and we will shred magazines, toilet paper, kleenex and sometimes the things we've hidden.

You shouldn't buy cheap sunglasses either because we will chew those to save you the embarrassment.  Buy yourself a nice pair.

We will hang out on whatever furniture we want.  We age quicker than you humans, so we need to be comfortable.  If you think you're keeping us off the bed, you clearly have no idea what we do when you are at work.  Trust us, it's better to just let us do what we want.

You know those "dance parties" you have every morning where you make obnoxious noises you call "singing?"  Maybe it's just our parents that do that.  Anyways, we do that too.  Sometimes we sing and yell (aka bark) loudly just because we feel like it.  We don't tell you to be quiet, so don't tell us to be quiet.  Just enjoy the music we make.

Along those lines, dogs do some weird things, just like you humans.  Taking videos like this and posting them on Facebook is OK unless you're mocking us.

All of your friends will love us and want to be around us, but we will only like some of them.  We are extremely good judges of character, plus some of them just smell funny or don't scratch ears correctly.  We don't apologize for our high expectations either.

Dressing up animals is real funny... NOT.  We hate it.  We understand that all children go through a period when their parents dress them, so we're not saying that you have to completely refrain, but it must be designer (according to Lola) or bad ass (according to Quincy.)  If you don't know if it fits in one of those categories, don't get it.

We don't understand computers, TV's or any other electronics.  We might bark at a dog we hear on that television every once in a while.  We may sit on your computer when it's cold outside because it's warm.  We may convince you to start a twitter account for us and then never use it.  Just enjoy the fact that we show interest in these things you spend all your time on.

Last, but not least, here are the things we can't ever get enough of:  walks, treats, belly rubs, attention, dog parks, sunshine, laying in the grass, throwing the ball, tug-o-war, getting dirty, nicknames and getting into places we shouldn't be.

Every dog deserves a good life.  We both started our lives in different homes and ended up here. Adoption is AWESOME and it's not always easy.  Puppies are AWESOME and they aren't always easy.  We are worth it though if you are willing to work with us a little.  If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to our mama - I'm sure she'll tell you how well behaved and awesome we are.

We have to race to bed so we get our favorite pillows.  Thanks for oooohing and aaaahing over our pictures.  We are pretty cute.

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  1. Aww so cute! I think your dogs would get along well with Hugo!

  2. Hahaha too true!! Except thankfully Hawkeye makes no noise, she's not a barker. But she does run the house. Just lets me live there and pay her rent!

  3. Hello Lola and Quincy!

    Gus and Geege totally run our house. Their couches, their bed, their everything.

  4. You just made my heart so happy with this post! Prim & Sinatra agree with it too - a minpin and a lab.

    Is Quincy a miniature schnauzer? They are both to die for.

  5. I think Quincy and Lola would be best friends with Sam and Leo. Together, they could run the world.

  6. This is one of my favorite posts ever! Knowing my niece and nephew Lols and Quince makes it even funnier because it is all THEM to a tee. My favorite Quincy moments are of course when he acts like a puppy for 2 mins out of the day and when he goes up the stairs backwards.
    I like my Lola when she perches from my lap WHEREEVER I am sitting and when she violently kicks the grass into her BF Griffin's face after she uses the restroom.

    Oh, and Dashel and Griffin say - can we have a play date soon?

  7. You are so lucky they destroy cheap stuff mine must have expensive taste. They seem to think solid wood furniture is their own personal chew toy. Expensive mutts lol

  8. hahaha WHAT is quincy doing in that video?!? that is absurd. they are so adorable and make me want my puppy soooo bad!!

  9. Haha! That video is hilarious! I've been meaning to do a post like this, maybe I'll get on that someday.

  10. Well, that's embarassing. In case you're wondering who Mark Hall is, it's me when my husband steals my computer and logs himself in to google.


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