June 3, 2013

A Grand Old Weekend

Finally, a weekend with sunshine.  Even though it wasn't quite boating temperatures, it was sunny and we could play outside, so we took full advantage.

1 - Spent Friday night babysitting our niece, Kennedy.  We started the evening with a cupcake.
2 - Found out that she owns as many pairs of sunglasses as I do.  That's my girl.
3 - Her motorcycle with the sidecar.
4 - Oops, many too much sugar because she stayed up until 10:30.  No wonder she thinks we're fun.
5 - My FAVORITE lunch ever.  Vegetarian tacos from Rojo in the West End.  I live for Sweet Potatoes.
6 - The Saturday afternoon rainstorm led us to an awesome little bar called Pracna right on the river.  Good beer selection.  Great way to pass some raindrops.
7 - Bella, the birthday girl, was worn out after the party her parents threw her on Saturday night.
8 - Finally, some good old fashioned cloud porn.
9 - Lola supervising Justin doing yard work.  Our lawn has finally been mowed and no longer looks like a jungle.

On Sunday, we went to Grand Old Days in Saint Paul which is a huge festival on the first Sunday in June.  They have lots and lots of live music, beer gardens, food trucks, street vendors and hipsters.  It is like people watching hipster version.  So many hilarious fashion choices.  We started the day with bloodies, took a mystery shot (pineapple upside down cake), ate garlic cream cheese wontons, mini donuts, saw some good bands, ran into lots of old friends and were home and relaxing by 4.  My kind of Sunday Funday.

There's that thumb again.  Can't help myself.  Also, all of you people who don't get a beer with your bloody mary are weird.  I've heard that it's just a Minnesota thing, but that just helps explain why we are so awesome here.

The other highlight of my weekend (no pictures sadly) was a random face book message from one of my best friends in high school.  She had some free time around lunch and it actually worked out to have lunch!!!  Erin is getting married this fall, so it was fun to hear about all her wedding planning and just spend some time with her.

This Monday thing is really stupid.

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. Aw looks like fun! The birthday girl passed out is way too cute!

  2. Monday has been a total ahole thus far. Not cool.

    Those tacos look totally amazing and have put me in the mood for mexican. OLE.

  3. not only do i love beer with a bloody mary sometimes we even put the beer in the tomato juice. NOM.

  4. "This Monday thing is really stupid."

    Couldn't have said it better myself!

  5. I love those veggie tacos from Rojo too! SO good! And I totally agree about the beer with bloodies, why wouldn't you want an extra beer? duh!

  6. My favorite part about weekend posts is all of the delicious/shit food people eat.

    So, about the beer with the bloody. I don't think it is JUST a MN thing, because we got it while vacationing in the UP of Michigan last Labor Day and had no idea what the eff to do with it. Drink it with the bloody? After?

    Also, Midwest (well really Chicago and WI) bloodies are my favorite. Cheese, summer sausage, olives, pickles. It's like a freaking meal with your drink.

  7. monday sucks, but this weekend looks awesome and a half, such great weather!

  8. You got festy this weekend too! Beer and Bloodys go together like Mac and Cheese. Necessities of life!

  9. uhhh can you baby sit me? I'd love to start my evening withe a cupcake!!

    The 'grand old days' looks like so much fun!!!!

    happy monday lovely!

  10. Alrighty, so many things to say.... I love the name Kennedy. And I also love cupcakes. Those veggie tacos look SO GOOD... I may just be hungry though too ;)

    And I love Lola supervising- she looks so serious!!

    AND I Love that one of your BFFs name is Erin. Duh.

  11. Looks like an AWESOME weekend!!!! I want those tacos right NOW :) Also love the sunnies for the kiddos!!!

  12. I used to own many sunglasses. But people sit on them! ... and my dogs chew up everything...


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