May 28, 2013

Top Gun + Pedal Pub + 30th Bday = Danger Zone

This was a weekend to remember and there are so many pictures that one post won't do it justice.  I'm starting with the highlight of the whole weekend.  The Top Gun Themed Pedal Pub.  Sorry in advance for the long post.

What does that mean?  Let me explain.

You load up a few coolers of canned beer, put your tennis shoes on, pick a theme (that's optional, but if you don't - you suck), call up D-Box (obviously, that's our driver) and you pedal from bar to bar in Saint Paul while enjoying beers and jamming out to your ipod.

Still confused?  Fine, I'll go into more detail.  The Twin Cities Pedal Pub (website here) is literally a large bicycle for 16 people (10 pedaling seats) that rides around on different routes through Saint Paul, Minneapolis and has now expanded to other cities.  You are allowed to have beer and wine on board (no glass) and you bike from bar to bar.

My husband turned 30 this weekend (did you read his life lessons on Friday?)  I'm not sure how I pulled it off, but I managed to book this tour and get some of our friends and family together to surprise him with a pedal pub.  Best part?  It was Top Gun themed.  He thought we were meeting my parents for birthday brunch.  I told him we had to run up to Katie & Annika's apartment quick to drop something off.  The only thing he was worried about was getting iced.

We walked in and he started to realize that there were other people there... then he turns to me and says "is this one of THOSE things?"  Well yes, my dear, if you're referring to a surprise party, it is one of those things, but the best part was surprising him with the theme.  People came dressed up with special t-shirts, flight suits, bomber jackets and aviators.  It was perfect.  We played the Top Gun soundtrack and carried some red, white and blue coolers a few blocks to meet up with our AWESOME pilot, D-Box.  If you choose to do one of these tours, request her - real name is Destiny.

We hopped on the pub and started working.  I tended bar the whole time so I could have my own dance party in the middle of the pub, so my work was limited.

Because we are pokey, we only stopped at 2 bars.  The first stop was Billy's on Grand.  We had as many picture ops as possible.

After Billy's, we made the trek down Summit Ave.  There was one point that we were racing a runner (if that gives you any idea how fast this doesn't go.)  We chose Sweeney's as our next stop.

This picture was one of my favorites - that guy is NOT with our group and was the only man enjoying the quiet patio before our party came barreling through.  At least he was a good sport.  Also, please note, we did not ask him to stand there - he did that on his own.  I do not call people ugly unless they are Nicolas Cage - it's a mean word.

We got back to Katie & Annika's after our 2 hour trip and ordered so much Pizza Luce and then enjoyed a dance party - at 3:00 PM.

Finally, to all of our friends & family (who might actually read this blog),
Thank you so much for helping me make his 30th birthday awesome.  Thanks for helping me keep the secret.  Thanks for playing along with the theme.  Thanks for singing along to Miley Cyrus so I could dance out all the lyrics for you all (and everyone on Dale Street).  Thanks to those of you who celebrated with us the rest of the weekend and made him feel extra loved on his birthday this year.  

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  1. This is so darn fun. I wonder if Dallas has something like this???

  2. This looks like so much fun!!! I'm jealous. Lol.

  3. omg may i please hang out with you? this looks freaking fantastic.

  4. I love everything about this post! Including the photo of me in a helmet? HAHA

  5. wow! that looks like so so much fun!!! awesome!

  6. Can I please come to MN and hang out with you? This looks amazing. We have one of those pedal thingies where I live and I never really got how it worked but I definitely need to look into it!

  7. omg I love everything about it! Too fun!! We had a pedal cart thing here but they lost their liquor license. Boooo.

  8. Hooray for pulling off the surprise! We have a Cycle Tavern but you can't have alcohol on the actual vehicle; it just takes you to each bar.

  9. One of the best things I've ever seen, from the theme to the transport, just everything. Love it.

  10. OMG I love the pedal pub! Looks like a blast :)


  11. THat looks like the best 30th birthday party ever!! Also, I met my husband at Billy's on Grand, so obviously any night there is pretty awesome!

  12. I so want to try that Pedal Pub. It looks like you guys had fanfreakingtastic time. :)

  13. That's looks like a blast! And I LOVE the Top Gun theme.

  14. What an awesome way to celebrate the big 3-0!!! Can I have a do over and come party with you?!?! Love the Top Gun theme and that everyone participated. Definitely think you earned "Wife of the Year" title after that surprise party! :)


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