May 12, 2013

Hug a Mom Today

It is Mother's Day weekend and I have so many mothers to celebrate.

My mom is one of my favorite people in the whole world.  She has a more active social life than me most weekends.  She kicks some serious ass at Kettle bells, has a weak spot in her heart for Hootie and the Blow Fish & Bruce Springsteen and loves sitcoms.  I get the best text messages in the world from her (that's a whole separate post.)  She cries every time she laughs (something she has passed down to me) and sobs at weddings.  Even though I think she likes my brother better than me some days, I love her to pieces.

Next, my in-laws.  When you get married, you become part of another family.  In my case, I struck gold.  I gained two sisters and an additional set of parents that love me like I've been with them my whole life.  My parents only had my brother and me, so gaining two sisters in my early twenties was amazing.  They are both mothers now and have the best kids EVER.

My mother in law is the nicest, sweetest person and has never treated me like anything other than a daughter in the 8 years Justin and I have been together.  She is a huge fan of country music, one of the fastest readers I've ever seen and an amazing grandmother.  She proudly wears a charm on her bracelet that my mom gave her that says "Stephanie's Other Mother."

Grandmothers are awesome on a whole different level.  Their sole purpose is to spoil you, put your pictures all over their house, say inappropriate things that only they can get away with, give awesome hugs and make awesome cookies, cakes or brownies.  The generation gap makes things entertaining all the time.  Justin and I enjoy sitting down with any of our grandparents and listening to the stories of their lives.  It's something you never want to do as a kid, but as you grow up, you appreciate that time more and more.  These lovely ladies will get some extra love from us this weekend as well.

Last but not least, my dogs should be nice to me all weekend.  I'll be bribing them to hang out with me by offering treats and walks (pretty sure I learned that move from my mother.)

I'll end this special Mother's Day post with the newest Kid President video.  Enjoy!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to the women that made you YOU! Cuz man I like you :) you're fun.

  2. I'm a huge crybaby, I definitely get that from my mom haha. We cry over everything- happy or sad! ;)

    And seriously, you DID strike gold with the in-laws, how awesome!!


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