May 24, 2013

Chick-flicks aren't just for chicks (and other life lessons from Justin)

It is officially birthday weekend and we are busy celebrating (or possibly buying a new lawn mower). My husband, Justin, turns 30 this weekend so he is going to share with you the 30 things he has learned before turning 30. Also, he knows how much I love lists.

30 Things I Learned Before Age 30
  1. HBO isn’t worth the money.
  2. Boxing is fine, UFC is stupid.
  3. There is something great about all four seasons.

  4. Cultural variety is necessary.
  5. Food tastes better without meat.
  6. Try something new often.
  7. Don’t text and drive!
  8. Enjoy your profession.
  9. Other peoples’ kids aren’t so bad, even if they all idolize Taylor Swift.

  10. Use logic on the hard decisions.
  11. Size matters with TV's and PBR's.
  12. Ninja skills are in your blood.

  13. Chick-flicks aren’t just for chicks.
  14. Chick isn’t an appropriate thing to call women.
  15. Say “yes” sometimes when you don’t want to.
  16. Minnesota should not be called “The State of Hockey” until it has a professional championship. (Justin is obviously a Kings fan, plus I love the shirt he's wearing in this picture)

  17. Be loyal to friends/family.
  18. Regardless of education, at 22 you really still know nothing.
  19. Help people if you can.
  20. Laugh.
  21. Travel – there is a lot out there to see (and remember #4 of what we’ve learned)
  22. There is always a hat that works.

  23. Stand barefooted in newly clipped grass.
  24. Go boating.

  25. Value all life, not just your own.
  26. Unfortunately, clothing styles will change – yikes, guys wearing skinny jeans.
  27. Fortunately, clothing styles will change again – when there won’t be guys wearing skinny jeans.
  28. Dogs make life better.
  29. Don’t frown – unless taking pictures.

  30. I saved the best for last. Be nice. Thanks Patrick Swayze for your words of wisdom. (10 points if you understand this.)

Hope everyone enjoys a nice long Memorial Day/birthday weekend.  I leave you with what my lovely wife refers to as back that ass up songs to help kick off your party.


  1. This is a fantastic list! And dogs truly do make life better :)

  2. Great list and some hilarious pictures...happy 3-0 to your husband!

    Going Back to Cali (the LL Cool J version, though) is one of my all time fav jams! :)

  3. So much for me to comment on that I don't even know what to do with myself.

    Basically, dogs, boating, laugh, travel... no diggity, no doubt. Yes.

  4. Great list, especially #12!

    Happy Memorial and birthday weekend to Justin!

  5. i think i am going to print this list off as my bucket list...Happy Bday Justin, I like the way you think!

  6. Love this list. I got the Swayze at the end.

    Happy birthday to Justin, happy weekend to you both!

  7. Seriously, this list is SO Justin. I am happy to know that he DOES live these every day. Esp the PBRs and ninja skills...oh, and the frowning.

  8. I love this list. Justin knows what he's talking about. HBO is a ripoff!

  9. Love the list, especially the Patrick Swayze reference! Happy Birthday Weekend!

  10. #23 and #30 = perfection. What a great list!

  11. I love this list!! So funny! And I totally agree about guys wearing skinny jeans, just no!


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