April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

Winter is still here.  7 inches of snow on Friday.  My back and shoulders were a little sore from shoveling.  Friday afternoon involved happy hour with Brady & Kelsey.  Wine led to Vine and I made my first video.  Why JT?  Because Kels & I spent 2 hours watching music videos from the 90's and early 00's.  Amazing.  You can follow me on Vine with my twitter handle @stephgobviously and I promise you that there's a Paula Abdul video from Friday as well.

Saturday was a work day so I spent most of my day jealous of my husband who has at home cuddling the dogs and relaxing.  Saturday evening, we went to a show at the Cedar Cultural Center with Caroline.  Farewell Milwaukee was the first band and they were great.  Joey Ryan and the Inks was the other band and I loved every second of it.  I strongly urge you to check them out on youtube or on itunes.  Also, the Townhall Brewery has amazing sweet potato fries.

Sunday was another TREAT YOSELF day.  We decided after our Chicago trip that we wanted to do a one day juice cleanse and Sunday was our first open day with nothing planned.  We went with Suja juices that we picked up from Whole Foods.  They were expensive, but I was pretty impressed.  It was 6 juices in one day with as much water as you want.  I had a pretty bad headache from no coffee or caffeine all weekend, but I didn't feel hungry all day.  On top of treating myself to a detox day, I treated myself to a cucumber mask and a bath with a Lush sex bomb (seriously amazing.)  I finished off my evening with a lithe DVR catch up and a manicure (this won't last long.)

I wouldn't recommend the juice cleanse to everyone, but a sex bomb is something that everyone should experience.

Linking up with Sami for weekend shenanigans.  Cheers to hoping this week goes fast.


  1. STILL SNOW??? Ugh! I'm sorry chick - hope that melts soon for you!

  2. Ok I am sold on the sex bomb bath but the juice...I may have to be talked into it a bit more!! Sounds like a great weekend!

  3. Y'all still have snow? Jeez!! I've always thought about doing a juice cleanse...I def think I could manage one day of it!

  4. SNOOOW? GROSS!! that is awful friend :(

    Love that essie color :)

  5. GRRRRRRRRRR snow.

    I don't usually like blues for nails but that polish is cool.

  6. cannot handle the snow part. i do love your pampering day though and can't wait to try the bath bombs!


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