April 8, 2013

Birthdays and Worn Out Pups

We had a pretty low key weekend.  I avoided doing my taxes successfully, wore the dogs out and celebrated two birthdays.

Friday night, we celebrated Justin's Grandma's 80th birthday with dinner and a little cake.  So much for cutting out sugar.  Grandma Margie is one of my favorite ladies.  She drinks coffee from 6 AM until midnight and it can never be too hot for her.  I don't think she even has any nerve endings left in her mouth.  Of course, we found her a giant coffee mug for her birthday.

It was fun to see them.  They live in Okoboji (the most magical place in Iowa) and so we don't get to see them as often as we would like to.  All the family members that live here in town were able to make it, so it was tons of fun.  Three 2 year old's in one house makes for an entertaining dinner.

Saturday, I avoided doing my taxes.  That was all I wanted to accomplish all day.  Epic fail, because I was sick Sunday and now I have to do them tonight and will be up late.  Anyways, I bought my tax preparation software on Saturday which led to wandering around Target for an hour, buying a new bracelet, new tights and new nail polish.  I went to lunch with my mom and Katie at Schroeder's.  In the afternoon, we packed up the dogs and headed to Elk River for a birthday sleepover to celebrate Kirsten's birthday and the fact that she is headed to China in four days.  We played games and ate the best potatoes ever (she puts coconut oil on them.)  My dogs were exhausted by the end of the evening and we all spent a few minutes watching little Lola try to stay awake to keep partying and she just couldn't.

About two minutes after that, she found her way to the couch and she was out for the night.  Way too much excitement for little Lola.

Sunday, I was sick all day.  It was a mixture between playing a stupid game called "goodnight" on Saturday evening and horrible stomach pains.  The day was spent sleeping, medicating and watching This is 40.

I am so mad at myself for not doing my taxes on Saturday.  We have a girl's happy hour scheduled for tonight and I have to be a responsible adult and US Citizen.  Super lame.

Not happy that my weekend is over, but I'm super happy that I have a short week before heading to Chicago.  Linking up with Sami today.  Hope you had an awesome weekend.


  1. I wore out my puppy too! (It's pretty hard work so I get excited about it) I posted about it on my weekend shenanigans post. Sounds like a good weekend all around :)

  2. You better get those taxes done sister! Lola is adorable!

  3. I grew up 9 miles from Okoboji! We spent so many summers on the lake. Pretty much the most amazing place ever.



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