March 6, 2013

Insta-Gratitude Week 10

Truth = I was sick and tired of keeping track of what I was on in my gratitude calendar, so I'm changing them to "weeks."  Today is Wednesday.  I am treading lightly through the rest of the week.  I work Saturday too this week, so there's that.  My gratitude pictures are starting to lack a little bit, so I need to enjoy more things in life... or take better pictures.  Here is my last week:

We had just finished a SERIOUS game of tug of war and he won.  I love his mouth in this picture.
The overabundance of pillows on my couch.  It's like a welcome mat for laziness.
Friday night consisting of beer, pizza and a movie - kicking off a month of little spending.
Playing with Jack and Ava in Eau Claire.  He is getting SO big.

Took a new path on my sunny Sunday run.  It was a beautiful section of Como Park that I don't get to much.
Worse Monday so far this year - worked until for 12 hours.  Then I see this on my calendar and laugh out loud - they know me so well.  Yikes.
Snow day with the pups.  Not a real snow day because I was scheduled to be at home anyways, but it was fun pretending.
I was also extremely thankful for my husband in the last week.  He took care of me when I didn't feel good, he agreed to four full games of Mario Party on Saturday night, he took round two of shoveling last night like a champ even though he worked all day and I relaxed and he pretended to be somewhat excited when I posted the spring cleaning lists all over the house.  Literally, I taped them to the doors.  We decided to really focus on his 30 before 30 list items that are left for the next 2 1/2 months until his 30th birthday.  I do benefit a little because we will get to take a little weekend getaway trip before May.  I'm going to make sure he says goodbye to his twenties in STYLE.  Happy Wednesday.


  1. I have the same calendar! That one cracked me up! So did today's!!

  2. They have a CALENDAR?! I need one, asap!

  3. Great post, gratitude is important in busy lives of today. x


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