March 12, 2013

Hollywood Studios

Oh Mickey Mouse, I know you miss me.  I am patiently awaiting my sister in law to make a plan for her family and Justin & I will be tagging along back to the most magical place in the world.  Until then, I'll just sort through my pictures and blog about it for Travel Tuesdays!!!!!

Hollywood Studios was the final park that we visited.  Neither of us felt great that morning, which was a bummer because the Tower of Terror was not on the top of my list with an upset stomach.  We had a blast anyways.  We saw Power Rangers, the Terminator, Sleeping Beauty's castle, Mr. Incredible and lots of super annoying teenagers dancing on floats... I'm assuming the Disney Channel?

Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids... Justin was in heaven.  We took the whole day and just wandered around.  It was very relaxing.  Star Tours was so much fun.  Justin remembered it a little from when he was a kid, but the fact that you don't go on the same "adventure" each time made it ten times better for him this time around.

We also made best decision and made lunch reservations at a real Disney restaurant.  Apparently, reservations are required everywhere in Disney if you want to eat real food.  I picked the 50's Prime Time Diner because the menu had some decent seafood and vegetarian options, plus my husband is a sucker  for a milkshake.  The service was INCREDIBLE and the food was amazing. Plus, I Love Lucy was playing on a little TV near our table.  Justin tried the PB&J milkshake and it was amazing.

We shopped, ate some more and saw the Beauty and the Beast musical.  It was a pretty low key day, which was good because we boarded our plane to head home that evening.  We just needed to soak in as much warm sunshine as we could before heading back to the snow and ice.  I can't wait to go back.  I can't wait to read other Travel Tuesday posts... I need another vacation ASAP.

Helene in Between


  1. I've never been to Disney and I feel like I'm missing part of my childhood. Someday.... thanks for linking up!!

  2. ohhh i want to go! this looks like so much fun!!

  3. Ahhhh- this made me 50x more excited for our upcoming trip!! I cannot wait for all of this :)

  4. Living vicariously through other bloggers' travel posts... the best part of blogging! I absolutely love Hollywood Studios! My fav!


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