March 25, 2013


Bingo was his name - OH!

I love Bingo.  I realize that it makes me sound like an 85 year old woman, but there is a bar/restaurant in our neighborhood that started doing bar bingo one Saturday each month and the jackpot is $1000.  They also do a meat raffle (love MN), merchandise raffle and other ridiculous giveaways and prizes throughout the day.  Plus, $1 margaritas and $7 pitchers of our favorite beers, how could you go wrong?

My weekend pretty much centered around this activity on Saturday.  Friday night, we hung out with friends and the boys played bongo drums and the girls watched Overboard.  We all got mad when Georgetown lost.

Saturday morning, I tried to go for a run.  I ran a quick mile and then I just wasn't feeling that great.  Since I was about 1.5 miles from my house, I got in a nice slow walk in the sunshine and it felt wonderful.  Not sure if my body just needs a little break from running or if it was just a bad day, but my walk was absolutely lovely and I got in some good healthy vitamin D.

Bingo time came and the bar was hopping.  They had people of all ages.  The problem was they let the bingo game last for 4 hours and by the end, people around us were pretty intoxicated... and it was 4:30 PM.  Katie won a basket with a bottle of Jameson.  We won some pull tabs and Justin even won a round of bingo.  We hung close to home in case my mom needed a ride home from the airport.

Leah was in town and able to come for her first Bingo experience.  Plus, one of my oldest friends and her husband were able to get a little afternoon away from their 3 month old to participate in the shenanigans.  We laughed uncontrollably throughout the whole afternoon.  The best part was - we made a profit on the weekend with our winnings.

Sunday, we had breakfast with my mom to hear about her week in Mexico.  She filled us in on some things that happen in all-inclusive resorts that we were totally unaware of.  My favorite was the "tequila volleyball" where they use a bug spray contraption filled with Tequila instead of bug spray and they spray it into your mouth.  She claims she didn't participate, but I'll be combing through Facebook to try and find some evidence.  Her friends joined the party and we turned breakfast into lunch.  Since I have no photos of her Mexico trip yet, I'm including this... my mom & her friends (plus some add in's from the Hangover 2 "photobooth" app.)

After lunch, Justin & I finished season 1 of Homeland.  Holy crap.  That show is awesome.  I'm so sad I didn't wait a few years though.  Now I have to wait until season 2 comes out on DVD in August.  Waiting patiently is not my forte.  We finished up our evening with a walk to Creamy Cone for the best ice cream ever and then watched Ted... which was horrible.  I was so bored the whole movie and didn't really find any of it funny.

So here we are at Monday again.

My March Madness bracket is no good, I have to clean my house this week and I'm at least 5 days behind on laundry.

Good news = our trip to Chicago is in 2 1/2 weeks, I have a sister night tomorrow with both sissies and 3 of my nieces, we are hosting Easter brunch and the Easter bunny is going to make deliveries to my house for the kids and tonight is the season finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


  1. There is a bar in my neighborhood that has a Bingo night but I have not gone yet. I think you've inspired me!

  2. This BINGO sounds fun! Drinks and light gambling are always a good time. :)

  3. Umm, can I come to bingo next time?! LOL- looks like a blast!! And yayy for a Chicago trip soon! I've never been but we're hoping to make a long weekend trip there this fall!!

  4. you new blog design is awesome! And I want to play bingo with you!!!

  5. Your weekend looks like a blast! And the drinks sound delicious!!

  6. You've got some pretty good looking friends that participated in the bingo fun...=) Just wanted to let you know that reading your blog makes my day a MILLION times better. Genius. Also, the facelift looks AMAZING. Keep it up, Carrie Bradshaw...=) xoxo

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