August 27, 2012

MN Week Part 3

We wrapped up a week of Minnesota pride with a nice little weekend.

We enjoyed a beautiful day outside yesterday morning at the Farmer's Market.  We bought fresh apples, raspberries, baby bite size cucumbers and a fresh bouquet of flowers.
We followed it up with a good hearty lunch at the Lowertown Bulldog.  I continued patio fun with Katie & Annika throughout the afternoon and had an awesome Pizza Luce dinner.

So, I'm wrapping up this awesome week with a list (I know, so typical) of things I recommend doing if you are making a visit to the Twin Cities during the summer:
  1. Outdoor baseball - either the St. Paul Saints or the Minnesota Twins
  2. The MN State Fair - everything at least 3 things on a stick
  3. Visit the St. Paul Farmer's Market and wonder around Lowertown
  4. Hang out by the river - there are at least 5 awesome parks that are on the river and you can enjoy picnics or walks or whatever you want
  5. Find a boat and get out on Lake Minnetonka
  6. Patios, patios, patios - find as many as you can.  Some of my favorites are The Liffey, McGovern's, Burger Moe's and W.A. Frost.  The best part is 3 of those are within one block of each other.
  7. Go to Como Zoo - it's free and it's awesome
  8. Eat Walleye and enjoy an ice cold local beer
  9. Take a Sunday drive down Summit Ave
  10. Visit a museum - the sculpture garden in Minneapolis is awesome because it's outside
As we leave Minnesota week, we enter wedding week.  Justin & I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary on Thursday and then celebrating one of my best friend's marrying her college sweetheart on Sunday.  It's going to be a busy week but I'm so excited for them and so grateful that they've asked me to be a part of their big day.

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