August 20, 2012

Happy Monday

Happy Monday to all.  I am working my first full week of work in over a month.  My husband & I have a lunch date together in less than 30 minutes and I can't wait.  I am extremely excited about a "normal" week with 5 days of getting stuff done at the office and at home and then a full weekend with absolutely nothing on the calendar.  It feels marvelous.

The Great MN Get Together starts on Thursday, so Justin & I might bike there and eat some food and check out some weird items.  I also really want to see The Campaign.  Nothing too crazy though for plans.  I also booked our mini anniversary vacation to the North Shore for the week after Labor Day.  We leave with our dogs for 4 days to enjoy quiet time on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior.  We plan to do some hiking, some biking and some kayaking along with some wine drinking and some fresh walleye dinners.  15 days and counting...

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