February 1, 2012

Picking Up the Pieces

Hiding the Medallion

The video above shows the Clue Writer (my best friend & worst enemy) when they actually hid the medallion this year.  Yes, that means it's been found.  I shot out of bed this morning ready to go hunt.  I checked the 11th clue and that's when I saw the article.

Heartbreak doesn't exactly describe my feelings.  I was a little relieved, really sore & tired and all of a sudden, really excited for next year.  I had so much with my all my friends and we even gained a few new noodlers for next year.  Katie found a few new treasures that she will be able to laugh about in 5 years - that's more than money in some ways.  So after all is said and done:

11 clues in 11 days
25 hours of digging in 7 days
6 parks - 4 of them were brand new for me
$0.00 richer

Another successful medallion hunt...  Thanks to all for helping us with noodling, feeding us & giving us warm shelter, providing important tools like headlamps & newspapers and for all the good laughs.  Now we are on to the St Paul Bouncing Team and getting Katie one of three spots.

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