June 15, 2011

Boston... You're my Home

We returned the car and took a crazy cab ride to our hotel.  It's a beautiful place with small but functional and updated rooms.  J & I are on the 5th floor and our window looks out back of the hotel to the alley so it's fairly quiet.  We picked up our trolley tour pass and jumped aboard.  We went through the Cambridge side of the river and ended up near the aquarium.

We got off and had some lunch at the Cheers bar - I was a little upset because I really like carla's meatball sub and they were out of meatballs so we had a grilled chicken sandwich and garlic cheese bread - interesting combination.

Upon leaving there, we headed over to North End (my second favorite part of Boston), we walked through the Old North Church and then grabbed a cocktail at Goody's.  We crossed back over to the gov't center area and had a drink at Bell in Hand Tavern - the oldest operating tavern in the country.  They were doing a Budweiser supports the troops promotion and J recorded a video to thank the troops and we all got free beer and can coozys.

The wait at the Union Oyster House was an hour and we weren't exactly interested so we walked a few doors down to an irish bar and decided to eat there.  They had a $12.99 lobster special that we couldn't pass up so I enjoyed lobster for the first time in my life.  I had a blast putting on the bib and cracking the claws open.  The claws are BY FAR the best part.  We had so much fun eating.  We followed that up with a beer and some live music and by 10 we brought Dan & Rhonda back to the hotel and went out exploring in the back bay.

We found a place called Whiskey's and met some new friends - Joey and his girlfriend who live in Boston but they are from Connecticut and we also met Brian & Sanjay - flight attendants from London.  We had a great time chatting and drinking and we made it back to our room at about 1am.

We were up bright & early today - more on that later.  For now, I'm sitting in our room resting my feet and watching the 1st period of game seven for the Stanley Cup.  They have shut the streets down in downtown Boston and brought in an additional 2000 police officers to help stop a riot if the Bruins win - even though they are playing in Vancouver.  Lines to get into bars are around the block.  This night is going to be CRAZY.

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