March 27, 2015

Friday Jibber Jabber

I don't remember where this idea came from originally, but it's Friday and it's a great day for a list.

5 Things I'm Planning on this Weekend

1. Checking a few more things off my spring cleaning list. Last weekend, I cleaned my mattress with baking soda and essential oils and I've decided that the internet knows everything.

2. Long walk with the pups. It was so nice to be outside with them last Sunday and we'll be making this a weekly tradition.

3. Library trip to return a few books and pick up a few new ones. If you guys could see our tiny town library, you'd love it.

4. Saturday brunch. Cocktails included.

5. Checking at least one thing off the NYC Bucket List.

4 Pictures from my Week

I'm doing participating in the #21dayphotochallenge and then in April, I'm going to join Helene in her Instagram challenge. Come follow me here on Instagram to see dog photos and my favorite buildings in NY and cocktails.

3 Things I Love on the Internet

1. This recipe for Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese - I need to try this ASAP.
2. So many Iceland articles on Afar. Can't stop. So excited.
3. Puppy pictures for the win. Thanks to websites like this one.

2 Things I Need to Buy

1. A Passport holder/book - preferably not the one pictured, but it made my laugh. Also, I don't want something that is super flashy, just simple and practical.
2. A rain coat - it concerns me that when I search women's rain coats, it breaks the categories down further into fashionable or waterproof. Why would I want a raincoat that isn't waterproof?

1 Song for the Weekend

Happy Friday!

March 26, 2015

Spring To-Do List

I love the changing of the seasons. So much anticipation for the first snow, the first 50 degree day, the Summer Solstice and the first leaves changing colors. It's a rainy day here, but it's supposed to be in the 60's and that means Spring has finally arrived. I didn't take the snowstorm last Friday too well, so I'm a little late posting this. 

1. See the Cherry Blossoms in Prospect Park.

2. Complete the rest of our NY City Walks. We'll be heading to Harlem, Brooklyn and Downtown for our upcoming Sunday Strolls.

3. Go to the Orchid Show at the NYBG (if anyone is interested, we are members and I have guest passes and I'm happy to share them.)

4. A quick Canada trip with J to Montreal. 

5. See the NY Mets play at Citi Field.

6. Enjoy a quick weekend trip back in the Twin Cities for a wedding and some family time. OK let's be real, the number one thing on my list is a good Midwest Bloody Mary.

7. Rent bikes and circle the island of Manhattan - or at least as much of it as my legs can handle.

8. Finish updating some pages on my blog and spring cleaning our apartment. 

9. Turn 30. Thanks to my 30 before 30 list, this feels like an accomplishment. Just need to wrap up a few more things.

10. And most importantly, go to Iceland. Obviously this is the highlight of this entire year.

What is on your list for the Spring? 

March 24, 2015

Why I Write a Blog

I always love a good back story. Where do you get your inspiration? What made you open your blogger account and write your own post? It's especially odd since I don't remember what made me first think that this was a good idea.

I've always liked writing and I think there's always been a part of me that has wanted to share things with people. In college, I wrote about some ridiculous memories and made my friends laugh because our inside jokes were posted on the internet where everyone could see them, but no one would ever really find them or care. It felt a little dangerous putting it all out there.

Once I got married, I wanted to capture our adventures. We were young when we got married and we both thought it was a little crazy that we were starting this adventure that very few of our friends were even discussing yet. I posted pictures of our road trips and a few family get togethers. I shared the website with a few friends and I quickly lost steam.

In 2012, I needed a writing spot for nonsense, funny stories, things happening in the world, just a place to write. I created a 30 before 30 list and while doing some research, I discovered a blog where the writer had documented her adventures to cross things off her list. Sadly, I don't remember which blog it was, but it was the first that I really read through.

Throughout that year, I got into a routine of posting some nights while sitting on the patio. I discovered Whitney, Taylor and a few others and started reading their daily stories. I realized how many people enjoyed this weird habit of writing in a strange little corner of the internet.

I remember getting my first comment ever from Bonnie and I was so excited. Someone was out there reading. What a crazy concept when you think about how big the internet is and how many things are available for you to read.

Throughout 2013 and 2014, I blogged regularly about life, our move, our travels.  I made some great friends over the internet and it was weird to admit to people at home. I told my blog friend, Heather, my secret of moving to NYC before I told anyone at home, because it was a safe secret with her and she had recently made a cross country move. We drank beers together in person in San Francisco and it became real to me how awesome an online community can be.

I feel like the last three months have been inconsistent for me. I let my routines change a little. I tried meditation, read more, exercised more than never and relaxed. I guess I needed a little introverted time. It's nice to do a little reset every once in a while - I think that's what winter is for with the short days and long, dark nights.

Spring is here now. I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. I want to update some things on this space. I turn 30 in 2 months. We have tons of awesome adventures planned (and obviously, I need a place to share them.) I have a bunch of drafts that I'm excited about.

I write this blog because:
 - I love this blog.
 - I love writing.
 - I love email exchanges with readers about books, movies, weather, etc.
 - I love scrolling through beautiful pictures and funny stories of others.
 - I love having an excuse to take ridiculous amounts of pictures.
 - I love the blogging community.
 - I love the people in my real life that read this blog and send me notes.
 - I love sharing stuff with the internet.
 - And hopefully all the free stuff I will someday receive (send it to me anytime)

Now tell me, why do you write? Why do you read? Do you think I'm a weirdo? Tell me about it.

March 20, 2015

Internet Favorites

I hope that someone is getting Spring weather today. I'm getting clouds and a snowstorm. I'm going to reminisce about OrlandoLake Tahoe, NY/NJ BeachesFort Myers or San Francisco... or even just the sunny days that I can sit on the pier.

Since I think I'm the one that jinxed myself by posting my favorite winter memories this week, I'm going to skip writing a post today and share with you some of my other favorite things around the internet this week.

Happy Weekend!

NYC has number of people on the streets asking for money and this article, from Everyday Feminism, was a great reminder of what you should do when you encounter one of them. Kindness and compassion are always an option.

I have found myself getting lost on Gone with the Wynns the last few nights and reading about their adventures.

Wine in a can is going to become more of a thing, according to this article from Wine Awesomeness. I love things in the can, so I'm a big fan. See? I even wrote a poem about it.

Are you a multitasking wizard?  Probably not. This post from the Greatist explains why you should stop multitasking and be more awesome at things.

Houzz shared this list of 12 fresh updates to get ready for Spring and it helped inspire me to get a new desk and maybe add a little color to our apartment.

I'm on a countdown now to our Iceland trip. My favorite thing to do is read through Unlocking Kiki for her Iceland tips, pictures and ideas. She posted about the 5 Tours You Won't Want to Miss and I immediately looked each one up online.

I know that everyone loves the Google doodles, but I found this list of 17 things you can do on Google and have been making my screen barrel roll for the last ten minutes. Enjoy.

World Water Day is this weekend, so don't take a shower Sunday and be aware of how much water you're using in your daily routine. You can read more about it on the UN Website.

Last, but not least, it's time for you to answer the question: do you prefer cheese or chocolate?

Happy shower free weekend everyone!

March 19, 2015

A Change of Scenery

Work trips for me happen fairly often. I leave my comfortable little apartment on the Hudson River to meet new people and share some knowledge all over the Midwest and the North. This past month, I spent a week in Omaha & Kansas City and then the following week in Indianapolis. I don't get much time to get out and do anything, especially that week in Indy when the temps were in the single digits the whole time.

I'm a person that enjoys my usual routines and finds comfort in them, but a change of scenery does good things for me too. It's nice to see new things and meet new people. I enjoy driving around little midwest towns that I've never seen before. I actually enjoy eating alone in restaurants and chatting with the bartenders.

It was definitely a change of scenery from New York City. Some people call the midwest a bunch of "fly-over states" but it is a great place to explore. Wonderful people, wonderful food and beautiful country. Now if only I can get back when it's a little warmer outside. Do you travel for work?