February 14, 2018

Love Letters

Happy Valentine's Day! To celebrate the day of love, I figured I'd share a few love letters.

I love you Soft frosted cookies from Target - Your consistency never fails me. There are ten of you, so you last a few days and I can even share. The sprinkles and perfect amount of frosting - incredible. I appreciate that you are never crunchy and always perfect.

I love you Streaming services - The amount of variety you offer is so refreshing. Somedays, I can watch documentaries that make me a better person (and healthier) and other days I can watch the worst rich people in America act like morons and make me feel like a genius. I can order feelings by just touching buttons. I'm not ready to get into season two of This is Us yet, but you don't judge me.

I love you Sweatpants - You are a wonderful part of my day, every day. I walk in the door, figure out if I have plans for the rest of the evening - if yes, I determine how judgy the person is that I'm hanging out with and where we are hanging out - then sweatpants. They are forgiving, comforting and just pure happiness.

I love you Snow sports - I have been watching the figure skating and it's entertaining, but the snowboarding and skiing this year have had me on the edge of my seat. We have watched the Olympics seven nights in a row and I'm not mad about it. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions with you snow sports.

I love you Self control - You have gotten me through the last month of travel without falling completely off track. We have bought groceries and cooked as many meals as possible at our rental places. Salads, smoothies, veggies and having my water bottle with me. I knew you wouldn't let me down.

I love you Small Family - It's been a long few months, but I'm so happy to be in a lakeside rental watching the Olympics tonight. With the long work days and crazy travel schedule, knowing that we at least get to be in the same place most nights makes me insanely happy. Plus, it's Lola's birthday (that we made up because she's adopted with no real paperwork.) She has been such a trooper since becoming an only child and we are so lucky.

Hope you enjoyed some things that you love today.

February 12, 2018

Milwaukee Weekend

We are in the middle of our second long work trip of the year so far. Instead of driving 5 hours back to Minneapolis and then doing the same drive back less than 48 hours later, we just stayed in the Milwaukee area this weekend. The photo above is the view from our rental place, so it was pretty easy to make the decision to hang here.

We got some recommendations from friends and spent Saturday exploring. We went to the Art Museum, had brunch in the third ward and then treated ourselves to a brewery tour.

The art museum is a building we've both always wanted to go inside of. We cruised through in a few hours spending extra time in the photography section because they had a really cool collection of American road trip photographers.

Because Wisconsin is the land of cheese (and beers), we took a suggestion from a friend and booked the reserve tour at Sprecher's brewery. This includes a tour and a special tasting where you get to sample 10 beers and each one is paired with a cheese. It was my own personal heaven.

Sunday was our day of relaxation. We woke up to more snow, so I read, stayed in our pajamas until the afternoon and made a tater tot hot dish (aka totdish.) We have a super busy week ahead of us with lots of training, so it was really nice to have a quiet day.

Milwaukee is a pretty cool city - even in the winter. Although I don't think I'll be returning by choice until it's warmer out and I can actually enjoy the lakefront. Have you been to Milwaukee?

February 8, 2018

#trendingontwitter: Snow Storms & Other Storms

It's been a while since I've done one of these, but I love covering recent things happening on twitter on the blog. There's been a lot to choose from lately... so I just picked the last few days.

#superbowl52 - I watched it. I didn't care who won. I'm happy it was a closer game. Will Tom Brady retire? I watched Gisele slam that glass of wine, so I think it's coming. Congrats to the Eagles - I still think your fans were kind of assholes, but it's cool seeing the underdog win.

#manofthewoods - This is the name of Justin Timberlake's outfit from the Super Bowl. It's also the name of his new album, but more fitting for his outfit. I loved his halftime show. I loved the Prince symbol from the sky. I have no complaints. I'll probably buy tickets to his tour.

#theboldnorth - Minnesota rolled out the purple carpet for the Super Bowl visitors and it was a really awesome week to live in the Twin Cities. We made it downtown on one of the warmer nights to check everything out. So many volunteers made the whole experience awesome - they were happy, helpful and so friendly. I saw so many tweets about how welcoming everyone was in the cities. That whole Minnesota Nice idea isn't made up.

#stormi- I guess there's a new Kardashian baby named after the porn star that our president cheated on his wife with? Did I get that right? Don't really care.

#DowJones - My 401k got its ass kicked this week. I'm sure Trump will blame Obama for that. Listening to all the newscaster make predictions about what will happen is also interesting. We've had two of the biggest drops in history this week.

#olympics - I'm watching mogul skiing and figure skating while writing this. I always forget how much I love watching the Olympics. I don't think about it much until it's on and then I can't turn the channel. I barely remember the athletes names I cheered for the next day, but I find myself crying when they win. I love watching people achieve their life goals. I cry every time I watch people run marathons. I'm pretty excited about the next two weeks.

#winterstormmateo - We are in Wisconsin for work this week and next. Apparently, the snow follows us because we are under a winter storm warning tonight. That snow is of course completely missing Minnesota, but we will be dealing with it all weekend. RUDE.

#ladydoritos - I'm so annoyed that this was even a topic. I will make sure that I chew my cooler ranch Doritos with my mouth open while I spit crumbs all over people from now on... but really, I'll probably just stop buying Doritos because I'm annoyed and switch to Sun Chips.

What have you been rolling your eyes at lately? Please share. There's plenty out there.

February 3, 2018


The first and longest month of the year is over. The days are getting longer and that makes everything seem a little better. The month ahead of us is insane. I will only be in my own bed about six nights. There are some work things and then a super wonderful wedding in warm, sunny Florida. 

Reading Little House on the Prairie. My niece loves reading and I've been trying to read some of the same books as her so we can chat about it. I also just finally picked up What Happened from the library and I'm bringing it with me on my work trip.

Watching the Oscar nominations that I'm actually interested in. This week, we went and saw I, Tonya in the theater and loved it. We also watched Get Out the other night. It was freaky, but not too scary for me to still enjoy. We are also still hooked on How to Get Away with Murder. We are almost done with season 2.

Eating Cauliflower. I've also been laughing at all the memes making fun of this lately. Seriously, as a vegetarian, this veggie can do all kinds of things. We made cauliflower steaks this week and I rolled my eyes thinking that this meal would be kind of lame, but then I was again surprised. This week, I'm going to try a Cauliflower po boy.

Loving all the Minnesota all over the place this week. We got out and did all the fun stuff this week downtown. It's also been hilarious watching the celebrity sightings on twitter. The weather has been cold. Welcome to the bold north. I'm not super interested in either team this year, but I'm pretty excited about the half time show and the commercials.

Hoping that our household can stay healthy all month. We survived the flu at the beginning of January and Justin had a fever again last night, but woke up feeling back to normal this AM. We've remained quarantined to make sure nothing spreads to anyone else, but I'm just hoping that karma will help us get through Feb feeling healthy.

Listening to First Aid Kit's album, Ruins. I just saw them live Tuesday night and it was wonderful. Also, I'm enjoying JT's new album so much better than the first couple songs released. I think the rest of it is so much better.

Grateful for our far away friends that came to visit last weekend. We had a blast having people in town and using the guest room. Plus, the weather for them was so warm for MN in January. We are counting down the days until we are reunited with another east coast couple for their WEDDING!!!!

Reminding you that the skin regimens from Beautycounter are on sale until Feb. 7. Countermatch for a discount? Yes please. Shop here to get yours.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful winter weekend.

January 31, 2018

Continued Work

My word of the year was balance, but with that comes healthy stuff to balance out the fun stuff. I've made a few discoveries already this year (some I've known about but finally dove in) and I wanted to share them.

Citrus. It's the time of year for all the citrus. With everyone hacking and bringing their germs all over the office and all the public areas, I have been making sure that we are receiving extra doses of this immunity booster. Mango + Papaya smoothies, Cuties as snacks non stops and

Magnesium. They say this helps with cramps, but I haven't been taking it regularly enough to see an improvement there. However, I will say that my sleep is so much better when I'm taking this as a supplement. I just have this powder that I mix in to a glass of water in the evening and it doesn't taste horrible.

Weekday Weekend challenge. I got this cookbook during the holidays because we cook recipes from their blog all the time. We have been trying to stick to a pretty strict regimen during the week because we are home many nights and can pack lunches for work and plan in advance. It makes it more fun to treat ourselves on the weekends.

ACV every damn day. We mix it in water in the morning, sometimes with honey. There are one million articles about all the things it can help you with so we figured we would check it out in our household. At first, we hated the taste, but it really grows on you and now I enjoy it.

30 days of yoga. I don't do all 30 in a row, but I'm working my way through this playlist. I just saw one of my favorite internet friends is also doing the same ones. You should join to.

#100HappyDays. This book was a gift and it's the perfect gift. It gives you 100 different things to try to up your happiness score. We are a few days in and we've already had some fun adventures.

Upgrading my skin care and being diligent. I'm adding in the Rejuvenating regimen more this year to help with aging and I'm being as strict as I can with myself as far as routine. Side note - Beautycounter wants you to have good skin too so they decided to have a sale.

Skin care regimens ON SALE through tomorrow, Feb 1. Beautycounter doesn't have many sales throughout the year, but in order to help you kick off your new year's goals, they are offering a special discount on their three skin care regimens.

What other small things are you doing to keep your healthy new year's goals? I love trying different things - at least once.