April 24, 2014

Favorite Warm Weather Things

The wind here is whipping through at rapid speeds, but the sun is shining and I'm getting more and more excited for warm weather (that sticks around for a while.)  I have a few favorite things that always remind me of spring and the big warm up.

Mint green is my favorite spring color.  I think really green is my favorite color all year long, so each season is just a different shade of green.  I also love switching to white wine.  I love red wine when it's cold out and white wine when it's warm out.  I will allow a little cross over, but not much.  My springtime outfit involves a maxi skirt or dress.  They are hands down the most comfortable articles of clothing.  And Magnolia trees in the spring time are just amazing.

A perfect spring day for me would require coffee and a book early in the morning.  Once I'm up and ready for the day, I would get myself a shake from One Lucky Duck and whatever food I find appealing in Chelsea Market.  Justin & I would either go to a baseball game or a rooftop bar and enjoy some sunshine.  Dinner would be fish tacos followed by dessert from Magnolia Bakery and then bed... early.

I love the changing of the seasons and everything that comes with it.  I asked Becca from Becoming Adorrable if she would play along with me today.

Her favorite spring color is bright green.  Although she gets horrible allergies, she still loves white daisies (but keeps her distance).  Her spring outfits include sandals, tank tops and a few fun lipstick shades.  I wish it was warm enough here for tank tops.  Her go to drink as the weather warms up is a Malibu Pineapple cocktail.  I've never tried this, but it's on my list for this weekend.  I'm always game for something new.

When I asked her what a perfect April Saturday looked like, here was her answer:

After sleeping in, I take my sweet time fixing my hair and applying makeup, go out to lunch with the hubs, and get some shopping done.  Of course this means a trip to Sephora and Ulta.  Then we'd have dinner at the Olive Garden and I end the night dancing with friends at our local bar.

I also asked if she would make you all a playlist with some of her favorite warm weather songs.  The first song is one of my favorites.

I have loved getting to know Becca better and you should probably do the same.  My favorite posts to get your started include Why I Belong in the SouthWhy I Rescue (which you will probably need Kleenex for) and I was super excited to find out my Unicorn name when I read What's in a Unicorn.  Plus, I think she has one of the cutest "about me" pages I've seen on a blog.  I love reading about her adventures as a newlywed and I love how she incorporated her new last name into her blog title.

Here are the places you can find Becca.  Go say hi!

April 23, 2014

A Little Earth Day Challenge

Yesterday was Earth Day.  Doesn't it seem weird that we have to have a day to celebrate the planet?  Shouldn't that be every day?  Who hasn't posted a picture of spring flowers on Instagram in the last few weeks?  We all kind of love this place.  I decided to step up my game a little yesterday and appreciate the earth a little bit more.

We read an article this weekend in our April National Geographic about coal and whether or not it will ever be clean.  One of the things that stood out to me was the average daily consumption of coal per person - worldwide it is 6.4 lbs and in the US it is 18 lbs.  You can read the full article here.

I decided to take the day off from electricity yesterday.  Now, I live in an apartment and I left the major appliances alone, but I unplugged everything small and didn't turn on a light or a TV or even charge my personal phone or laptop yesterday.  Work kicked my butt so it was nice to not have any music on in the background.  I got so much done.  Obviously, I had to keep my work computer charged, but at the end of my long workday, I unplugged the power strip and shut it all down.

To be totally honest, it was super easy.  Trust me, I love TV and cooking things and my Keurig as much as the next person, but I could do this at least once a week.  I found myself just quietly sitting and taking it all in.

My dogs were content.  We had longer walks yesterday and without a laptop on my lap, I was able to cuddle them both at the same time.

Reading is one of my favorite things to do, so an entire evening of reading a few of my current books was incredible.

You could smell the rain outside.  Plus, the candles I had burning in the apartment were Huckleberry scented and that also made me very happy.

I could hear my dogs snoring, the people outside and all the birds.  I heard hysterical parts of conversations as people left the happy hour across the street.  I also was able to hear my phone ringing and caught up with my sister-in-law and one of my best friends from home.

I ate up a ton of fruits and veggies that were in our fridge as well as some yogurt and granola. My dinner was a smoothie and some cold pasta salad.

It was a totally normal day and even though I challenged myself to do this tiny little thing for Earth Day, it didn't feel like a challenge at all.  It was much more of a relief to have a night off from stuff.

Also, I will say that I didn't have the stress of watching the Ranger game last night.  But I'm totally stress free this morning because they won, plus I'm drinking coffee.  Hope you all took a minute to appreciate this planet.

April 22, 2014

I Love the NY Rangers

We jumped, we yelled, we sang, we drank, we ate and we lost, but we had a blast.  Yes, I splurged and bought tickets to the Rangers/Flyers game on Sunday.  Holidays can be tough when you are far from your family, so I've found that distractions are necessary.  What better distraction than playoff hockey?

Madison Square Garden was amazing.  Playoff hockey is amazing.  Losing was not so amazing.  I'll be watching the next few games from my couch because the price tag is also not so amazing, but it was totally worth it.

I've been without an NHL hockey team since the MN North Stars left and went to Texas when I was 5.  I never really got on board with the Wild.  My husband is a huge LA Kings fan since that's where he grew up.  When we moved here, I decided to give the Rangers a try and I love everything about them.  Getting to finally see them at the Garden was amazing (yes, I've used that word 1 million times in this post.)

And next time, someone needs to tell me to go home after the game and not participate in shots of fireball, K?  Go RANGERS Go!!!!!!!!!

April 18, 2014

Thank You Notes Vol. 3

Back again for another round of Thank You notes this lovely Friday.

Thank you Spring for being that bitch that we always knew you were.  Cold, hot, warm, rain, cold, snow, wind.  I'm well aware this will continue for a while, so I'm just embracing the few weeks of the year that I have all seasons of clothes all over my closet.

Thank you Rangers for winning last night and fueling my desire to get tickets to Sunday's game.  I mean, we have no family to spend Easter with this year out here, so we might as well spend it with all our hockey friends at Madison Square Garden.

Thank you Iceland for continuing to have pictures featured on EarthPix.  I will see you before the end of the year.

Thank you Stitch Fix for being spot on the last 2 months and sending me my new favorite shirts.  I swear I'll put a post together on the stuff I've gotten since there have been some questions about it in the past, plus you'll get to see the most awkward pictures ever taken.

Thank you wedding season for getting me home a few times this summer and putting so many of my favorite people in one building at one time.  Makes life so much easier.

Thank you Taco Tuesday for being part of my week.  Now if only I could find someplace that delivers Margaritas.

Thank you Friday for giving me a new playlist for a few runs I have to get in this weekend.  The song I'm sharing today isn't super upbeat, but I've been loving it lately, so enjoy it.

Thank you hockey, sunglasses, easter candy and mimosas in advance for sponsoring this weekend.

Hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend.  (Previous thank you notes - vol 1vol 2)

Linking up with Whitney.

April 17, 2014

How do you do that?

I am a people watcher.  I am so amazed at some of the things that humans are capable of.  There are a few talents that just blow my mind and constantly have me wondering "How do you do that?"

Experts on wine.  I've taken wine classes with my mom before and I have no idea how the people next to me are able to accurately guess the region each wine is from.  Have you really memorized them?  It amazes me.

Raw foodies.  I read that book and got horrified when it started talking about sprouting my own beans.  I'm all for eating healthier and cleaner, but I draw the line at sprouting.  How do you have a job, friends and eat raw?  Also, cheese.  I have to eat cheese every day.  Looks like I won't be a vegan either.

Moms.  Just hearing about my sister in law's day yesterday wore me out.  Doctor's appointments, visiting the Easter Bunny, conferences, plus doing her normal daily things.  It's amazing how much time they seem to have in their day to get these things done.  I consider it a win if I feed myself, Justin & the dogs all the meals in one day without ordering from GrubHub.

But my nieces are pretty cute :)
Artistic people.  I have always said that I'm not creative, but that isn't true, I just have no artistic talent.  My husband is such a talented artist and I can't ever win at a game of Pictionary.  I would love to be able to design fancy websites, have my creations up on Etsy and decorate my apartment to look like a Pinterest dream, but that part of my brain just doesn't work like I want it to.

Non TV watchers.  I will never understand this.  I love to read, but I also love to watch TV.  What do you do with yourself when you're hungover sick?  Don't you wonder about who Walter White is or how everyone knows to clap at the same time during I'll Be There For You.

Exercise addicts.  The struggle is real.  I just don't want to do it most days, but when I force myself too, I'm so happy.  Why doesn't my brain recognize that feeling and make me want to work out?  I will say that the #1800minutechallenge is helping and I have been getting in an average of 30 minutes per day, but it's a fight.  Also, why am I the only one at the gym with a bright red face and a towel because my face is sweating so much?  How do you look like that and you're running faster than me?

Fashionistas.  Yes, I feel wrong even typing that word out.  HOW BIG IS YOUR CLOSET?  Just kidding, if my closet was bigger, I'd just buy more sweaters and yoga pants.  But really, do some of you just go to the store and take pictures in their dressing rooms, because if I tried to purchase half of the things you wear, I'd be broke and a hoarder.  This leads me to my next point...

Walking in heels like it's easy.  Ummm... it's not easy and it's not comfortable, so I just won't do it.  I'm still amazed when I watch other people do it.

Justin Timberlake.  How can one person be so talented?  Mind = blown.

If you have all the secrets, please fill me in.  If you are one of the people above, just know that I am incredibly impressed by the things that you do every day.

Jade and Oak